Making a Positive Change in the Environment Through Freelancing

Moonlighter, Lean and Six Sigma practitioner, and environmental advocate, Brion Hurley shares with the USA Today how he left the security of his corporate job to start his own successful business.

Brion Hurley chose to leave the corporate world and start his own business coaching businesses and individuals using six sigma techniques on how to improve the environment, simple ways to go green and overall sustainable practices.

Strong convictions precede great actions, and sometimes, they precede a really cool business. Brion Hurley was just another member of Corporate America before his care for our planet got the better of him. Leaving his job, Brion found a way to align his passions with his skills. As an environmental consultant, Brion mentors and teaches Lean and Six Sigma techniques to improve the environment, going green, and sustainability.

Brion loves numbers — statistics, analytics, and all kinds of data –– and he worked as an improvement consultant for almost 20 years at a large company. In his free time, he began to learn more about environmental problems. As Brion began to combine his knowledge of environmental sustainability with his corporate experience, Brion saw how the improvements he implemented at work could actually impact the environment. “I started down this path asking questions, talking with the facility’s health and environmental teams, did some research, and took some classes.” Says Brion. “Some of my colleagues expressed an interest, so we built up a green team to help the company reduce its impact on the environment. It has taken off from there.”

Brion is an experienced Lean and Six Sigma practitioner and passionate about helping others learn how to use their skills to improve the environment. The Lean and Six Sigma techniques are very structured approaches used by corporations to cut down on inefficient practices and improve quality with the least amount of wasted materials, time, and costs. It is one of the fundamental teaching techniques employed by Brion.

“The Lean, Six Sigma strategy can be applied to anything in a business,” Brion explained, “but I’m interested in non-profit applications, like improving a company’s carbon footprint, energy reduction, water reduction, and how much waste goes to the landfill. I can look over their data and help them with projects, doing whatever I can to facilitate improvements.”

The workshops are very popular, and now Brion can reach a larger audience by offering virtual coaching to corporate and individual clients through his service post on Moonlighting where he will provide you with an online training course and videos, along with personalized support and data analysis.

It’s only been a couple of months since Brion left the security of his corporate job to start his own business. He is very happy doing something he loves and being his own boss. But there were tasks he could not do himself. He needed an accountant and a marketing expert, so he chose Moonlighting as the perfect platform to find the talent he needed.

While looking through the listings on Moonlighting, Brion discovered the business consulting category — a perfect match for his new venture. It was a win-win situation. He could obtain the help he needed setting up his business, and offer his services as an environmental consultant.

Now he is well on his way to fulfilling his dream. He is following a path he believes in, knowing he is making a positive change for himself and the environment.

How about you? Are you ready to start your own business or try out a few side gigs to get the feel of freelancing? No matter what path you want to take, you can join the amazing community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and gig workers changing how America works by signing up for Moonlighting today!

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