Moonlighting Makes Nation1099’s List of The Best Freelance Websites and Marketplaces in 2017

The online job market is one of the most useful tools the modern freelancer has for securing a steady workflow. In this post, Nation1099 identifies what they believe are the best freelance websites, freelance marketplaces, and freelance job boards currently available to independent professionals of all specializations.

Featured at #24 overall, Moonlighting tops the list under their Miscellaneous Freelance Marketplace category. This list of freelancing sites is primarily focused on the creative and professional services part of the gig economy. Meanwhile the personal services part of the gig economy is growing. Nation1099 says:

Moonlighting is an interesting platform because it has jobs in both those categories — drivers, dog walking and fix-it services on the one hand and jobs for freelance designers, IT experts and marketers on the other hand.

Moonlighting is also interesting because it specifically pitches itself to people who are working on the side. It’s “free for hobbyists” who use the platform only a little. Professional freelancers and small businesses pay on a membership model for $100 for six months of unlimited use rather than on a commission basis.

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