What Inspired this Freelancer to Become an Artist with a Cause

Moonlighter, musician, and philanthropist, David Rubio shares his story and goals with the USA Today.

If you met David Rubio at a downtown L.A. music venue, it would be easy to pass him off as just another Classic Rock fanatic. Black button-down, dark slim jeans, and that content closed-mouth grin that says “hey, I’m just happy to be here.” But David’s passion for music extends far beyond the commercialized industry––it extends beyond our nation’s very borders. Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and musician are just a few of the words that describe David Rubio: a man whose vision and compassion for the world have already begun to change it.

David was born and raised in Los Angeles, and at a very early age fell in love with music. “I have always loved writing and recording music,” says David, whose passion for playing lead to the formation of The Republic, a Rock band started by David and his best friend. During David’s ten-year career as an artist, The Republic was signed to a small independent record label in Mexico. David became submerged in the music industry, which included touring, recording, and performing in Spanish for crowds of more than 10,000 fans. While touring with The Republic, David also performed in prestigious and renowned venues such as The Whiskey, The Roxy, and other famous clubs in L.A. and Hollywood.

“For whatever reason, we didn’t make it,” says David. “Guess it wasn’t meant to be.” But the end of his music career was just the beginning of his journey as an artist with a cause.

In January of 2013, David founded Artist With a Cause, or Artistas Con Causa. “The idea was to create a record label that struggling musicians could call their own,” David says, “and the proceeds from our music would go towards the homeless.” As someone with the experience of being down on their luck, David had a deep sense of compassion for the homeless and financially vulnerable. With his background in the music industry, it was a simple thing to build a professional recording studio and begin partnering with musicians from Northern Mexico, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

The first Artist With a Cause event consisted of a few small bands playing a free concert in Tijuana, Mexico. The entrance fee was one toy per person. “We collected about 100 toys and took them to a local orphanage in Tijuana,” says David. Although a small success in the eyes of many philanthropic organizations, David and his teammates were proud of their accomplishment.

As the organization began to grow, David’s vision started to become a reality. Artist with a Cause began recording with dozens of musicians, providing them a label and a brand. The proceeds from the sales of CDs and concert tickets went towards what David calls “Towers of Inspiration” ––affordable housing and shelters for the homeless where David could help “get people back on their feet.” But last year, David’s company began experiencing extreme financial difficulties; the donations and funds for Artist with a Cause began to grow sparse. Before it could really take off, David’s dream began to suffer.

As the founder of a company responsible for the wellbeing of homeless communities, dozens of musicians, and several employees, David began to search for a miracle. That’s when he discovered Moonlighting. The Charlottesville, VA based app company connects individuals trying to hire or get hired. Moonlighting’s most recent feature, Moon$hot Stories, allows users to crowd fund for projects by sharing their stories. On behalf of Artist With a Cause, David created a Moon$hot Story to raise $50,000.

All donations will go towards promoting the songs and artists who have recorded under Artist With a Cause. In addition, each donation given towards the crowd fund will enter you in a chance to win an autographed guitar signed by all the members of Pearl Jam! “If we can continue to build this company, then more and more people can begin to join me in my vision,” David says. “Because in the end, it will be the love for art, music, and compassion for one another that will make this project a success.”

Want to give to this cause? Donate towards David’s Moon$hot Story today to help his community thrive and achieve their mission.

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Read the original article featured by the USA Today.

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