Turn On Notifications For Your Facebook Post

Get notified each time someone likes or comments on your your Facebook post! Keeping track of your social media interactions is important to ensure you aren’t missing out on any potential leads.  This quick tutorial will help you make the most of your service or job post on the Moonlighting App Facebook page.

How to Turn On Notifications For Your Facebook Post

1. Click on the link emailed to you by your Boost Marketing Representative. That will take you to your Facebook post.

2. Click on the small arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the post:


3. Click “Turn on notifications for this post”:


You’re all set! Now, every time someone likes or comments that post, you will get a Facebook notification. Remember, this helps you keep track of all the leads you could get from your Facebook post. Check back again for more useful tips, and as always, thanks for Moonlighting!


Why can’t I find my Facebook post?

If you can’t find a Facebook post of your service or job, it is likely you are not a Boost member. Our social media advertisements (on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+) are only for our subscribing users. To find more about Boost, click here.

If you are a Boost member and still can’t find your Facebook post, please email customer support at [email protected]

How do I turn off notifications for a post?

To turn off notifications, simply follow the steps above. After notifications are turned on, you should have the option the same place to turn them off again.

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