This Entrepreneur is Creating a Space of Her Own

Moonlighter and interior designer, Julie Guidry shares her story and goals with the USA Today.

With her arms crossed and one knee slightly bent, interior designer Julie Guidry stands in the center of an empty room and begins to imagine a space. The beige fabric of the sofa will match the tone of the gray rug––it will look soft against the dark stain of the wood floor. A row of metal frames along the far wall will be bathed in natural sunlight every afternoon. Dark armchairs. A long, narrow coffee table. Confidently, Julie moves to the next room.

Since founding the company in 1996, Julie has served as lead designer of J Guidry Design, a luxury interior design firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She has consulted in the design, remodeling, staging, and building of interior spaces. Julie’s passion for alluring and inviting spaces, combined with her unique ability to interpret her client’s vision, has garnered her small business’ huge success with home owners, relators and builders.

Julie Guidry, Luxury Interior Designer from Media 13 Studios on Vimeo.

After being published multiple times in Dallas Home Design, D Magazine, D Home, Riviera, Private Jet Magazine, and Modern Luxury Magazine––which launched from her private home––Julie began to receive local and national attention. Although entirely self-taught, Julie was admitted into the American Society of Interior Designers in 2000.

“Looking into what the client loves and what is unique about them is what truly drives the design,” says Julie. She prides herself on her uncanny ability to hone in on an individual’s needs, past the initial desires, to unveil the truly unique end-product that becomes their home. From concept to completion, Julie’s ability to streamline the design journey for her clients makes the entire process simple and stress free.

In 2001, Julie started a new division of her company dedicated to staging homes. Although the idea of staging had yet to seize much interest in the real estate market, Julie trusted in her idea. She believed that the longer you could keep someone in a warm and inviting space, the more likely they would be to purchase the home. And ultimately, she was right. Since implementing the new division, Julie has staged for real estate agents and builders alike, representing homes ranging from $500,000 to $8,000,000 in real estate value. Many of her homes have gone under contract within their first week on the market. Some on the same day.

As her business began to grow, Julie learned to adapt and find new ways to market her services. After discovering Moonlighting, Julie was exposed to a new kind of freelancing. The Moonlighting platform allowed her a personal space within the digital freelance market in which she could combine social media with her business endeavors. And it was all contained in a single app. With a simple profile creation and portfolio upload, Julie found herself Moonlighting in today’s gig economy.

Julie’s passion for people and interior design has only been matched by her persistence in the ever-changing landscape of freelance and small business. As she grows and expands her now matured business, Julie continues to explore the opportunities that could empower her business and ensure her success in the years to come.

You can contact Julie on Moonlighting to inquire about her interior design services. She enjoys meeting new people and partnering with them on their interior design projects.

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