Inc. Features Moonlighting as Top Freelancing Platform You Should Know About in 2017

The freelance industry is becoming a huge part of our economy. While it was growing prior to the meltdown of 2008, that crisis stimulated exponential growth, as skilled and talented people realized that job security was a thing of the past. Add to that the Millennial desire to have more control over their work lives and you get a “perfect storm” of freelancers, either as solos or as very small partnerships that look for clients who need their skills and talents.

Yet, if you are a freelancer, you know that finding clients can be a tough operation. There is a lot of noise and a lot of competition out there, and developing and marketing your brand takes time, some money, and a lot of creativity.

Savvy entrepreneurs decided that there could be a better way for freelancers to find clients and vice versa. And so, platforms for freelancers began to pop up. Some platforms are better than others, of course. If you are a freelancer looking to sign on with any of these platforms, check out the five that are probably the best ones in 2017.

1. Moonlighting

Moonlighting is a cool platform that provides terrific services to both sides of the freelancing business, and, even better, provides levels of service. For freelancers and small companies looking for work, there is Boost — the opportunity to register, develop a profile, and list provided services, but also to purchase a lot of other marketing and helpful services to get their name out there in front of potential clients. The freelancer has two options — one free and one fee-based, and even the fee-based one is very reasonable.

The other side of this platform is for individuals and businesses looking for freelance services — it’s called Blast. Again, there are levels of services. For example, jobs can be posted for varying amounts of days, and at a variety of places, so that members on the freelancing side can find them and “apply.”

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