It’s Now Easier to Promote Your Freelance Services

We have been listening to your feedback, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce some major changes to freelance service posting and promotions.

In this update, we are making it easier for you to get in front of potential clients by taking the financial stress out of the long-term marketing commitments and putting the control in your hands. We’ve added in 3 new 30-day service promotion options, allowing you to easily choose the level of marketing you want for the time frame you can afford.


1. Why do I need a service post?

Service posts are ultimately how you get discovered and hired on Moonlighting. Many of the people hiring on Moonlighting choose to search for who they want to hire rather than posting a job. Your service post gets you in front of those employers and makes you discoverable!

2. Do I have to pay to post a freelance service?

You sure don’t. But if you chose to post your service only to your profile, you are missing out on 10x the exposure freelancers typically see when they post a service to a feed.

3. What if I already have services posted?

Then you rock! As a thanks for Moonlighting with us, any previously posted services will display in the service feeds for free, forever! BUT if you’d like to start promoting those to the top of feeds and with our social and local media partners, now’s your chance!

4. Do I still have to commit to a long-term advertising subscription?

We know marketing is just about as scary as commitment, so you can now take your marketing 30 DAYS at time!

So if you’ve already made the commitment to go freelance and aren’t ready to make another long-term commitment until the paychecks roll in on the daily, we hear you. You can now promote your services on a month-to-month basis. Advertise some or all of the services you offer during your busiest (or maybe better yet, your slowest) times to keep that business coming in.

5. What if I’m already a Boost member?

Again, you rock! And you’re making great decisions to promote your freelance business on the regular. You still pay 0% merchant fees on all payments received, can contact unlimited Moonlighters, receive the same killer marketing for your Boosted service, and every other service you post is automatically displayed to service feeds free of charge (that’s an additional $5 value provided for every service you post, every month of your Boost membership).

6. So what do these new promotion options look like?

  • Profile – Your service will only be visible from your profile.
  • Display – Your service will be visible in your profile and will display in the public service feeds and search results for 30 days.
  • Feature – Get all the benefits of Display plus feature your service to the top of service feeds, search results, and on home page for 30 days.
  • Promote – (So close to Boost, you might just want to go all in….I mean why not….believe in yourself….) Promote your service on Moonlighting and receive bonus paid marketing on social media and with our news media partners for 30 days.

With the new service promotion options, it is easier than ever to promote your freelance services to potential clients searching for you. Post your services now or start promoting the services you already offer. Then tell us what you think of this new update by sharing your comments below.

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