Top Tips for Back to School Success

As August begins, many of us are trading vacation planning for back to school preparation. The back to school sales are everywhere and your home and life will soon be overwhelmed with all the things that come with making sure you and your kids are ready for the upcoming school year.

So as you strategize for how to best support your kids’ emotional and academic success this year, find some extra helpful tips here.

Make More Time for Your Kids

The toughest part of the school year can be making more time with your kids. But just 30 extra minutes here and there can go a long way and allow you time to read together, play a board game, or make a funny craft project. Personal shoppers and errand runners can help you take care of those tasks that you can easily hand off, feeing up that extra time you need.

Set Up for Success

Create a quiet, well-supplied station to encourage more focus on homework. If you aren’t so crafty, you can hire a handyman to help build a desk, install hooks and small hanging craft buckets to create the perfect Pinterest-inspired zen corner. And don’t forget to have your go-to tutors lined up for subjects that may cause the most frustration.

Create a Celebration

If your child is dreading their fist day, turn it into a reason for a party! Plan a back to school party with pizza, water balloons, a few fun school supplies. And if party planning isn’t your thing or you need a little help pulling it off, you can find all the help you need on Moonlighting.

Show You Care with a Home Cooked Meal

Meal prep and planning can be exhausting but can cut down on hours of assembling breakfast, lunch, healthy snacks, and family dinners every day (or maybe even help get the whole family together for dinner every night). Hire a personal chef to lighten the load…then take all the credit. And don’t forget to brighten their day with a lunchbox note. Here are a few free printable lunch box notes that you can print out to be ready for that first week!

Make this school year, the best ever with a little help from our Moonlighters. Just tell us how we can help!

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