USA Today Features New York Moonlighter in Turning Bits and Bytes into Powerful Insights

Scott K., owner of FinITOs (Finance.IT.Operations.), brings more than 20 years of business consulting and business analytical development experience to Rochester, NY. With a passion for data and statistical analysis, he shares his Moonlighting story as a data engineer.

“I have always been the creative type and carry an innovative spirit. I enjoy problem-solving and helping others in their quest for growth, which for me is the definition of impactful work. I also like my independence, having the freedom to use my knowledge and skills to make sure every impact is positive.”

Scott’s innovative spirit and independent nature has paid off. He has successfully built a company that benefits others and found a way to bring that service to the ones who need it. The first part due to his own ingenuity, and the second part by being a freelancer through Moonlighting.

Ten years ago, Scott envisioned his dream job. As time passed, the idea crystallized into a doable plan of action. All he needed was the opportunity to set it in motion. That chance came when a former boss approached him asking for help starting a new company. Scott says, “That was a great nudge and opportunity to springboard me forward.”

He ‘moonlighted’ after business hours and enjoyed every minute of it. Not too long after that, he located a local client, and through Moonlighting he scored his second client, and yet a third one in Florida. Six to ten more leads came through various pipelines and the dream became a reality. FinITOs was born.

Scott describes FinITOs as a business consulting, solutions, and analytics firm helping entrepreneurs and small businesses either startup or transform their businesses through the alignment of the three synergistic powers – people, processes, and technology.

He foresaw the future impact of technology on businesses all those years ago and knew that being flexible and in tune with the changes in the marketplace was critical for a successful client – consultant relationship. He mastered the skills necessary in finance, marketing, sales and IT to guide his clients and help them match all their requirements to the right operational setup in the business landscape.

Even though he sees opportunity for growth in his new venture, Scott is not ready to give up his day job yet. “This is my ‘Plan B’. It’d be nice to get to the point where this is a full-time job; the potential is there, but for now, I enjoy what I do at night. It supplements what I do during the day and gives me good experience working with customers.”

A benefit from the slow and easy approach, has been Scott’s discovery of additional skills he can provide such as building web pages and organizing his customer’s marketing strategy. “I think patience is the one thing I’m going to need along with persistence to follow-up and stay the course. I believe that’s the challenge everyone faces who’s trying to go out there and go on their own.”

Another challenge he’s had to face is marketing his brand. “There were a number of avenues I tried. One of which was downloading and registering with several apps designed to help freelancers. Moonlighting was one of them, but I quickly discovered it was the best.

“Unlike the other apps, I experienced immediate benefits. The Moonlighting team engaged immediately and opportunity soon came my way. I see Moonlighting as a “platform”, a centralized service to handle many of the business operational activities whilst the freelancer can focus on his or her core competency.”

Scott shared some valuable lessons he has learned so far in his freelancing journey. “Listen to what the clients are saying. They express interest in what you have as far as the value it brings to them. Because they say ‘NO’ for now doesn’t mean you’re not on their radar. Find ways to reach out to people. Tap into your networks, not just online but in your neighborhood, social contacts, and community organizations. Be patient and persistent, trust in what you’re doing, follow-up and stay the course. Don’t be afraid.

“We are living in the great age of unlimited opportunity and there’s no better time than the present for pursuing your passion(s) and realizing your own vision. Focus on your passion, not the money, and you will become fulfilled in more ways than you ever imagined.”

You can contact FinITOS for business consulting, business solutions, and business analytics services on Moonlighting now! Ready to join the amazing community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and gig workers changing how America works? Sign up for Moonlighting today and download the app to connect with Scott and many others, on-demand!

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