USA Today Features Moonlighter Who is Building a Business for the Next Generation

Kenny Faison, owner of Metro Lawn Care Service, shares his story with USA Today.

Every entrepreneur and small business owner has a driving factor, a primary reason for starting their business. Some want to make money fast, some want to be their own boss, some believe in an idea so strongly that they couldn’t wait another day to bring it to life, while others simply want a more flexible schedule. These are all compelling reasons, but they weren’t mine.

Mine was my fourteen-year-old son. I wanted to build a business from the ground up, so when he came of age, I could pass on a ready-made business to him. I started out mowing lawns part-time nine years ago, slowly building my customer base, and three years later was able to start Metro Lawn Care Service in Columbia, SC. On top of my full-time job as a Sysco driver, my wife and I found the time to do all the mowing, weeding, debris and leaf removal, and landscape installation needed to fuel the business. We started out with seven to ten lawns per week—which we thought was great—and have now grown to more than 30 per week.

I never expected having more clients would ever be a problem, but as my customer base grew, it became increasingly more difficult to track payments and stay on the same page as customers. I was stuck in the routine of typing invoices and mailing them off just to wait; I didn’t even know if clients received or paid them.

I knew I needed a better solution for invoicing and getting paid, and hadn’t been satisfied with other popular payment tools—I needed something fast and easy. I was attracted to Moonlighting because the invoicing was simplistic. When my customers pay the invoice through Moonlighting, I get an email alert that money was sent and it automatically transfers to my bank account. I open up my Moonlighting invoicing tool and it lists them by status. Now that I can regularly duplicate previous invoices and know if my customers pay, my cash flow is much better.

My customers appreciate it, too. I’ve worked with stay-at-home moms, landlords, investors, hotels, and gas stations, and they all like that they can pay digitally and reference an invoice number, especially my real estate customers who have multiple properties.

Word of mouth and signage had been my primary and most successful marketing methods. When competing for jobs online, you typically must bid to win. Even if you do win, you may not make a profit because bidding only drives down the service price. But Moonlighting doesn’t have a bid structure and is free advertising for my business. It’s wonderful to get calls and messages from new Moonlighting customers asking me to come out and service their yards without having to bid or place a sign. They’ve used Moonlighting in the past and trusted its members, so there was no need to sell my services. It was already done for me.

Moonlighting’s free tools have helped my business grow and run smoothly. I know they’ll be the bones in helping me grow my business from ‘my side job’ to a full-time employer. And one day, my son will have a thriving business and his own slice of the American dream.

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