Huffington Post: Why Moonlighting Is On Its Way To Causing The Next Workplace Revolution

Globalization has rendered the entire world without borders. The meteoric rise in internet adoption worldwide has turned the culture of work on its head. Today, you hear of several interesting ‘uber-cool’ companies that run with employees working from anywhere in the world. Several companies run purely with the help of extremely talented people hired for specific ‘gigs’. In other words, many companies have learnt to leverage floating talent through the art of freelancing or ‘moonlighting.’

Business Insider recently reported that freelancer earnings have grown 50% in the last 5 years. In fact, the gig economy is one of the reasons why some startups continue to scale and grow year after year.

It is this trend that caught the attention of Jeff Tennery, CEO of Moonlighting, a platform trying to accelerate the growth of the gig economy. Set up in the fall of 2014, Moonlighting describes itself as “a mobile, on-demand app that allows people to earn extra money and get tasks done instantly by creating a virtual marketplace for individuals and small businesses.”

Moonlighting plays the role of a “swiss-army knife” for freelancers and small-businesses in the U.S. The platform follows the Uber model to connect businesses in search of talent and skills to the providers of those skills. It’s seen a phenomenal growth of recent, reaching its current 350,000 customers. Popularly – and aptly – known as Mr. Moonlighting, Jeff is now ready to take off on a global scale.

Here’s excerpts from my interview with Jeff on getting away from the 9-5, the right way to approach freelancing, the ‘try-before-you-buy’ approach and the on-demand economy.

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