3 Steps to Hiring Your First Freelancer

Your business is booming.

The projects are piling high, the clients are coming in, staying in, bringing their friends, and you’re feeling like you’ve successfully established yourself. Smile, take a seat, and pat yourself on the back. But don’t stay down long, you know that as an independent worker, you’ve got to stay on the hustle–you didn’t get here by staying stationary–and there’s no rest for the freelancer!


When it gets to this point, you’re ready for well-deserved rest and for a sidekick to help you keep your business thriving. The conundrum is you might not be able to afford a full-time hire; and what if they don’t wholeheartedly back your mission? You need someone with focus, drive, independence, and passion. This is your magnum opus and you require someone terrific to come on board.

After doing research on cloning yourself, you start thinking about freelancers. They’re passionate, self-driven individuals…just like you. It makes complete sense to hire this sort of person for your company. This ideal candidate can be hard to find, but with the help of Moonlighting Blast, you can easily broadcast your job to over 450,000 freelancers and get one-on-one support to connect you with the perfect employee.

Make a List & Check it Twice

At this point of a business, it’s always good to write down the pros and cons of the type of hire you’re looking to make, and think about whether it’s better to bring on freelancers or a full-time employee.

While it’s amazing to have someone you can always depend on to be there in office, who is trained on the full aspect of your business’ operations, and can offer their services 40 hours a week, in some instances, a freelancer is more appealing.

Their honed talents in a specific niche make them experts at that one project you really need done. Since they’ve already been working in that area for a while, there’s no need for you to train them on the how. Give them a few pointers and a document on brand guidelines and they’ll fly.

In a growing business, spending money on a full-time employee could potentially break the bank.

The good thing about freelancers is that you don’t have to pay for benefits, bonuses, or salaries. The direct work they do for you and the amount you agree to beforehand is what comes out of your pocket at the end of the day.

The best part about working with a freelancer is that you could turn them into a full-time hire if you absolutely love them, their work, and you want them to stay forever at your company. The interim bit–where they are still just doing freelance projects—is where you get to give them a trial period and gauge how they do!

Hiring a freelancer is a win-win for all parties involved. The freelancer finds a great new client in YOU and your business gets to grow without too much strain. And happy people make for great employees (and employers!).

How do you find the perfect expert for your projects? With pros and con list in hand, the next part is actually connecting with and hiring the freelancer of your dreams. Lucky for you, this process is simple and doesn’t require a full HR department to get you through it. All you need is the following three steps and a laptop.

Where’s Waldo?

Studies show that 53 million Americans – a whopping 34 percent of the workforce – are now freelancing as their main job or for supplementary income. That’s a lot of freelancers.

With so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go to find them. Who is the best? What’s the easiest place to hire? Which place is trustworthy? How much money is coming out of my pocket in the search process? And more are questions that arise once the decision to hire is made.

The place, rather marketplace, you need is Moonlighting. It’s the fastest way to discover freelancers, chat with them in real time, and hire them–all from the palm of your hand. In addition, all tools you need for making transactions and payments are found within our app.

Whether you’re looking for help locally or virtually, both are available on Moonlighting to assist you. Get someone to work side-by-side with you on a clothing design, cutting fabric, and drawing up style sketches while a freelancer 6 states away designs your website.

There’s no need to wait. Just look up Moonlighting on the internet or app store and it will return thousands of results. At the top sits us–the marketplace where you’re about to find your next freelance hire(s).

Post Player

Finding the right marketplace is easy. The next step is no less difficult. Once you’ve signed up for Moonlighting, it’s time to let everyone know what you’re searching for. This key step is key because it saves time in the future. By detailing in your post exactly who you’re hiring and what you’re hiring for, you eliminate thousands of questions and back and forth once the post is live.

Create a post on Moonlighting: put in a clear, concise title, a price, skills, and you’re off to an excellent start! Once you’ve done that, it’s a good idea to beef it up a bit more.

  • Make the title compelling and click-worthy
  • Describe what you need in detail but make sure it’s simple to understand at a glance
  • Choose a good picture: your logo, a photo of your storefront, your work, etc. establishes your professionalism and brand to interested parties
  • Add a clear call to action: do you want them to send website portfolios? A message? An email, call? Let them know how to proceed

The devil’s in the details…So make sure you put them all up front, that way there is more time to spend getting to know your potential candidate rather than asking a lot of mundane questions or repeating yourself to every candidate.

The Million Dollar Word

Once your job is live, freelancers are going to start to reach out. Depending on how fast you need the project done, 24 hours is a good time to let pass before you decide. Some people are on the ball and respond immediately, while others could have a project to complete and haven’t checked Moonlighting yet. When you have received the number of desired responses, look at their quality–canned replies portray that someone is less serious, and people who haven’t taken the time to fill out or verify themselves on Moonlighting could be rightfully suspicious or undesirable. But those people who have a complete profile and get in touch quickly and uniquely–that’s who you want.

From there ask them more direct questions, set up a time to meet in a public place (if they are local), or check out their portfolio. (And anyone with a Boost logo is someone you’ll want to meet–they are elite Moonlighters who are most serious about their freelance or small business–like you!).

Not interested in the people who’ve responded? Browse the For Hire feed to find people in your area who you can directly reach out to. More power to ya.

It’s now up to you to decide who to hire.

Armed with Moonlighting in hand, and these three trusty steps in another, you’re now qualified to be your own one person hiring machine. If you need even more help posting a job and finding prime candidates, Moonlighting Blast will advertise your job to a wider area to bring in more potential freelancers while you use your time to continue running your business. Plus you have support from the Moonlighting staff to hand-pick and send to you top candidates to get your position filled in no time. Guaranteed.

So what are you waiting for?

Go get ‘em tiger — post your job now!


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