Sending Money to Moonlighters through Chat

Sending money with Moonlighting is the fastest way to pay freelancers. Once you set up a payment method in your Moonlighting account, you can instantly send a secure payment to other Moonlighters for free.

How to send money:

  1. Select Tools in the bottom navigation
  2. Select Send Money
  3. Select the Moonlighter you want to send money in Favorites or by searching Moonlighters
  4. Enter a dollar amount
  5. Tap Send




When should I pay someone who is doing a job for me?

Make sure to coordinate with the Moonlighter who completes your job, but we recommend paying them when the job is complete. Unless the job requires a deposit, it is generally a best practice to see the completed work.

Are there price limits when sending money or an invoice?

Yes. The dollar amount must be from $1-$10,000.

Are there any fees associated with a transaction?

While sending money is free, there is a small processing fee to receive money. View fees for each transaction type.

How will I know that they received the payment?

You will receive a notification when the payment is processed.

I received an error message. What do I do?

First, check to make sure your accounts are set up properly. If you think they are and the payment still will not go through, contact [email protected].

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