Requesting Reviews of Your Service

As a Moonlighter, your profile rating is one of your first opportunities to make a great impression. If one of your customers has a great experience with your service, ask for them for a review on Moonlighting. Don’t forget to ask your friends, family and colleagues to sign up and leave you a glowing review too!

How to request a review:

  1. Select Profile in bottom navigation
  2. Select Reviews (your current reviews are visible here)
  3. Tap Request Review
  4. Search for the user in your favorites or all Moonlighters
  5. Tap Yes to confirm request




How can I share my profile?

Click on the share icon on your profile to share your profile through social media, email or a messaging app.

How can I invite friends to Moonlighting through the app?

You can invite your phone contacts by selecting Invite Friends on the Profile tab, typing your contact’s name and tapping the Invite button. If a star displays, your friend is already on Moonlighting!

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