Receiving Money via Moonlighting

Moonlighting has eliminated the need for outside transactions with our quick and easy payment system. We’ve teamed up with WePay to make setting up your bank account and receiving money simple.

How to create a Chase Account:

  1. Select Profile in the bottom navigation
  2. Tap Banks & Cards
  3. Under Receive Money, tap the + button to add your bank account
  4. Sign up for Chase (or log in if you already have an account)
    • Fill in your information
    • Accept WePay’s Terms of Service
    • Select Grant Access
  5. Verify your Chase confirmation email

How to add your bank account to WePay:

  1. Log into your WePay account
  2. Tap the gear icon labelled Settings
  3. Tap Withdrawals
  4. Tap Link your bank account
  5. Verify your information and tap Next
  6. Enter your banking details and tap Continue




Once I sign up for WePay, when do I need to add my bank details?

When you receive your first payment, you’ll receive a link to add your bank account. You’ll be able to receive money to your Chase account for 30 days before the payments are refunded, giving you plenty of time to add your bank account and withdraw the money.

Can I link my PayPal and Bank Account?

Yes. However, you will only receive money to your PayPal account sent by users that have linked their PayPal account as well.

How long will it take to receive my money?

You should receive payments within five business days, though they typically arrive much sooner than that.

How do I receive credit/debit card payments?

You can receive payments by setting up or connecting a Chase account in Banks & Cards. While you can use a PayPal account, you can only receive money using this method if the sender also uses PayPal for the transaction. Once your account is set up, funds are automatically deposited within two to five business days depending on your bank.

Are there any fees associated with a transaction?

While sending money is free, there is a small processing fee to receive money. View fees for each transaction type.

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