Posting a Job on Moonlighting

Are you ready to hire? From yard work to website creation, Moonlighters are ready to help you accomplish your goals. Simply post your gig, large or small project or part-time work and let the help come to you.

How to post your job:

  1. From Home, tap on Need to Hire? Post Your Job
  2. Add job details
    • Add what you need done—this will be the display title
  3. Add job location
    • Search for and select your location
    • Toggle on if the job can be done virtually or remotely
  4. Add budget details
    • Toggle on if your budget is negotiable or you would like Moonlighters to provide an estimate
    • Select the pay rate type:
      • Ranges (e.g. $10 – $25)
      • Fixed
      • Hourly
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
      • Yearly
    • Enter the pay rate amount
  5. Select or upload an image that represents your job (add up to six images)
    • To upload an image, tap on the camera icon
    • Select an image
    • Crop the image
    • Long press on an image and select Make Primary
    • Deselect images you do not want
  6. Tap Next
  7. Preview your job post
  8. Enter a job description (up to 500 characters)
  9. Select your job category
  10. Enter a job skill and tap the + button (add up to 10 keywords or phrases to help candidates find your job)
  11. Tap Like what you see? Post now
  12. Share your job post




Is there a job title character count limit?

Yes. Your title must be 10 to 140 characters long.

Are there price limits when creating a post?

Yes. The dollar amount must be from $1-$100,000.

What is a virtual job?

If a Moonlighter can fulfill your job remotely, you should categorize it as a virtual job, but if your job requires that they work at a specific location, add the location to your job post.

Why does my job post have an image that does not match?

If you post your job without adding an image or skills, we’ll automatically give it an image and skill tags based on the job title you provide. If they aren’t a perfect fit, you can always update your post content later.

Why does the image matter?

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Including a vivid image that best represents your job can help you capture attention and pique interest.

What are the different categories?

  • Home & Handyman – Landscapers, Repairmen, Builders, Installers, Handymen
  • Tech & Web – Web, App, & Graphic Design, Social Media, Computer Help
  • Family – House, Baby, & Pet Sitters, Cleaning, Tutors, Errand Runners
  • Transportation – Drivers, Movers, Auto-related work
  • Business Services – Customer Service, Marketers, Lawyers, Virtual Assistants
  • Events – Photographers, Caterers, DJs, Bartenders
  • Artisan – Artists, Hand Crafted Goods
  • Health & Fitness – Personal Trainers, Sports Lessons/Coaches, Masseurs, Beauticians

Why do the keywords matter?

Using a combination of relevant, broad and specific keywords can help Moonlighters find your job post and increase your exposure to more qualified candidates.

Is there anything I can do to get more qualified responses to my job post?

Make sure that your post is in the right category and includes relevant job keywords. If your skill tags are too broad, consider replacing them with more specific keywords. Ensure that your post title is clear and include more details about experience and skill requirements in your job description.

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