Creating Invoices & Proposals

You can send a proposal or invoice to anyone through the Moonlighting app. Before you start a job, send a proposal to make sure both you and your customer are on the same page. This will help things move smoothly, avoid costs due to miscommunication and make you look more professional, which can lead to more business down the road. Once you finish a job, send an invoice to get paid quickly and securely through the app.

How to create and send a proposal or invoice:

  1. Select Tools in the bottom navigation
  2. Tap Proposals or Invoices
  3. Select Create
  4. Add a recipient
    • Type the name of the Moonlighter
    • Tap on the add user icon to the right of the screen to browse Moonlighters or phone contacts
    • Enter a phone number or email address
  5. Add details
    • Create a proposal or invoice number
    • Select the due date
    • Add a note
  6. Add items
    • Enter an item title
    • Enter the price
    • Enter the quantity
    • Select the + button to add the item
  7. Tap Save & Preview
  8. Tap Send

Learn how to send an invoice or proposal to a Moonlighter through Chat.




Can I save a proposal or invoice and not send it?

Yes, once you view the proposal or invoice preview, it will automatically save for you to return to later. Simply click the back arrow when you’re on the preview screen.

Can I send an invoice to a non-Moonlighting client?

Yes, you can send an invoice to anybody using their email address or mobile phone number. They will receive a link that takes them to a form to enter their payment details; when they pay the invoice, the funds will be directly deposited into the receiving account that you set up in Banks & Cards.

Are there price limits when sending money or an invoice?

Yes. The dollar amount must be $1 to $100,000.

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