Creating Favorites & Bookmarks

You can quickly access your favorite Moonlighters and bookmarked posts in the Profile section of the app.

Favorite a Moonlighter by tapping on the star icon on their picture or in their profile. From the My Favorites page, you can easily find your favorite Moonlighters and filter them by category, skill and location.

Bookmark a job or service by tapping on the bookmark icon on post images or in posts. The My Bookmarks page displays the job or service title, budget and locations for you to compare posts and filter by category, skill and location.

How to filter My Bookmarks:

  1. Select Profile from the bottom navigation
  2. Select My Bookmarks
  3. Tap on the filter icon in the top right of your screen
  4. Select a saved filter or create a new filter
    • To create a new filter, toggle on if you want to include jobs or people
    • Choose categories:
      • Home & Handyman
      • Tech & Web
      • Family
      • Transportation
      • Business Services
      • Events
      • Artisan
      • Health & Fitness
    • Enter a relevant skill and tap the + button
    • Select Show Only Virtual or Remote or enter a specific location
  5. Select Save For Later or View Now




Are my favorites public?

No, only you can see your favorites.

How can I make someone a favorite?

When previewing a profile in a feed, tap on the star to the top left of their picture. Or, if you are viewing the full profile, tap on the star to the top right of their picture.

How can I bookmark jobs?

When viewing a job post or previewing a job in a feed, tap on the bookmark icon to the top left of the featured image.

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