Creating & Editing Your Moonlighting Profile – Website

What does your profile say about you? A complete and robust profile can greatly increase your chances of getting noticed and hired. To increase your visibility on Moonlighting and make a great first impression, you should add a professional headshot, compelling bio, brief list of your skills and a post for each service you offer.


Update Your Profile On the Website


    1. Sign into or sign up for Moonlighting
    2. Click on your Name and Profile Picture in the top right navigation
    3. When the Profile Page Loads, Tap Edit under your photo
      edit-profileAdd/Edit profile details

      • Enter your name, email and phone number
      • Search for and select your location
      • Select that you are a small business or independent freelancer
      • Enter a related skill and tap the + button (add up to 10 skills)
      • Add a short bio (300 characters max)
      • Enter your company name and number of employees
      • Add your website address
      • Connect your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts
      • Enter your YouTube, Twitter and Instagram account names
      • Tap Save Changes



What do I put in the Skills field?

List the skills or services you offer in the Skills field. A simple way to do it is to list a skill for each service post you have (e.g. web design, logo creation, driver, photographer, etc.). If you are in the app, add a single skill and tap the + button. If you are on the website, list your skills separated by commas.

How do I advertise my skill sets?

To promote your skills, add both general and specific keywords to the Skills section of your profile and create posts for each service you offer.

What does a great profile look like?

An excellent example of a complete and professional profile is our long-time Moonlighting user, Emma Mason.

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