Introducing Moonlighting 3.0—Rebuilt to Supercharge Your Business

You gave us feedback, and we listened. The new Moonlighting app is now faster and simpler—and finding new jobs and services has never been easier.

Over the past two years, Moonlighters have shared what they like most and least about our app’s functionality, design and overall experience. We’ve gladly taken that feedback and put it into action with our new app: Moonlighting 3.0.

Download or update the Moonlighting app to use these great new features:

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Improved Design & Experience

Home-DesignWe’ve made Moonlighting even more user-friendly. In addition to our technical improvements, the new layout is easier to use and understand, and the new design is cleaner and brighter, giving your posts a more modern appearance.

More Comprehensive Profile


Moonlighters are curious about more than just your services and skills—they want to know who you are, your experience and what drives you. Let your profile tell your story.

New Profile Options
You now have the opportunity to say you are a veteran and add a business name. Use these new options to brand yourself on Moonlighting and communicate who you are.

Social Verification
Logging into Moonlighting is faster than ever with the option to connect your Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts. Do you want to share your YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram social profiles? We let you do that too! With Moonlighting 3.0, now you can connect with people wherever you are on the web. Connecting a social channel also helps verify your identity so that Moonlighters feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Add your social accounts when setting up your profile, or choose to add them later by editing your profile. Your social pages will display as links under the Connect With Me section of your profile. Once you’ve verified a social account, a green checkmark appears on your Moonlighting profile, both next to your name and in the Verification section next to that social channel.

User Ratings and Reviews

Your Moonlighting rating helps build the social proof you need to attract new business. You can now invite Moonlighters and outside clients to review your services on Moonlighting. Learn how to request a review.

Image Cropping Tool
Improve the look of your profile headshot and post professional looking pictures in seconds. Our new cropping tool lets you quickly resize and select the area you wish to crop. Use this simple editing tool to make sure your photos convey the message you want.

Segmented Feeds


Do you want to view only jobs? Only people for hire? We’ve separated the job and service provider feeds to easily find what you want on Moonlighting. We’ve also added a third-party job feed so that you can find jobs from our trusted partner sites when using the app. Find everything in one place on the Home feed, or move from the Jobs and People For Hire tabs to see results in your area.

Customized Alerts

Filter and Alerts

With our new customizable job alerts, you now have the power to receive the notifications most relevant to you. Along with category, skill and location specifications, you can choose how you receive alerts: SMS, email and push. These custom filters enable you to update your alert settings according to your current needs, save time searching for jobs, and respond to your Moonlighting contacts quickly.

Updated Contact Preferences

Chat Setting

Chat now has everything you need to send messages, invoices, proposals, images, locations and money to Moonlighters. We’ve introduced new chat settings that will allow you to update your contact preferences so you only receive chats from users who meet your criteria—like verifying their phone number, email address or social media accounts. These new settings make the most of your communications through Chat and help you save time by prequalifying those reaching out to you on Moonlighting.


You can now control which Moonlighting notifications you receive and how you receive them. Want to know as soon as you receive a new Like via email but not SMS? Quickly update your preferences by toggling off Likes under SMS in your app Settings. While a few key notifications are required, such as payment notifications via email, these new settings give you a level of control you’ve never had before on Moonlighting.

More Pricing Options


Not sure how much to budget or want some flexibility? We’ve added more pricing options! With our new negotiable pricing option, you can coordinate with Moonlighters on a budget and find a rate that is mutually beneficial using the Proposals or Chat tools.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with the completely redesigned Moonlighting 3.0?

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