How to Create a Service Post That Attracts Customers

Like social media profiles, your Moonlighting profile and posts are a reflection of who you are and what you do. Robust and detailed service posts are essential to attracting clients who are actively looking for help from someone like you. If you are ready to generate more business and make a great impression on Moonlighting, check out our service post suggestions below.

1. Know Your Target Market

Think about your ideal customer when creating your service post. Writing for a specific person, or persona, is one of the most effective ways to produce the right message. But to communicate effectively, you need to know who they are and what they need. To better understand your target market, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who needs my service?
  • Why do they need my help?
  • How do my services benefit them?
  • What messages speak to them?
  • What words might they use when searching for my service on Moonlighting?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be ready to write powerful copy that resonates with potential customers.

2. Segment Your Services

Avoid confusion and attract users who are actively searching for your services by creating a post for each service you offer and the skills required to fulfill them. Separating your posts allows you to include a tailored title, description, image and tags, which can help you reach more relevant employers searching for your services.

Here’s a great example from a Moonlighter:


Shelby could have made a single post that said “Auto, Home & Business Cleaning Service,” but she created separate posts for her services so that each has a distinct audience and message. She broke her services down even further by creating two auto cleaning service posts, making it clear that Swift Shine Cleaning specializes in auto headlight restoration and offers a deluxe package.

3. Select Attention-Grabbing Images

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. How can you use this knowledge to improve your marketing? Use a vivid image that represents your service to capture attention and pique interest.

While you can select the most relevant image from the suggested images, we recommend uploading a picture of your service in action or a symbol of your service/skill to stand out from similar job services locally or nationally. Images that tell a story or quickly convey the message you want are the most effective. If you don’t have any photos of your service, pull an image from free image websites.

Here are two posts that use vivid images and deliver the right message:


In general, you should avoid text on your image so that it is easy to understand and powerful at any scale, and to avoid stretched images, upload an image with 3:2 dimensions.

4. Use Optimized Post Titles

Post titles are one of the first things that users notice when searching for services on Moonlighting. Arguably more important than images, your title clarifies what your service is, impacts search visibility and largely influences whether users click through to view more details about your service.

When brainstorming your title, ask what a potential customer might search for on Moonlighting, and make it relevant by including a job name, occupation or service benefit. To ensure that your title is easy to read and straightforward, keep it concise and avoid including unneeded superlatives and adjectives.

Take these post titles for example. The second options are more descriptive, appealing and likely to display in more search results.

floor handy


advance painting

5. Include an Accurate Location

Your location setting directly influences where and when your service is displayed during search. If you offer your service remotely or it isn’t locked into one location, mark your post as a virtual service to promote it to a national audience. If you offer your service in multiple locations, consider creating multiple postings to expand your reach.

Be sure to specify your job as virtual or remote if you offer your service nationally. For instance, this handyman service makes more sense as a local service than a virtual service. Although it may reach a larger audience as a virtual service, it likely won’t reach the right audience.

floor 2


home 2

On the other hand, try not to limit your services to local users unless you must work at a specific location, have to meet in person or are unable to travel. For example, this “Logo Design” service post could reach a larger audience as a virtual service.


6. Test and Optimize Your Rate Structure

You want to be realistic and upfront about your expected pay rate, but if you aren’t receiving the response you’d like or aren’t as profitable as you’d like, you may want to reevaluate your pricing model.

If you wanted to hire, which pay rate would look best to you?

pay rate

It depends on the service type and duration, right? In some cases, the $150 fixed price might be more appealing than the $13/hr. Think about how potential customers will view these prices, test various pay rate options and research what other Moonlighters are using to determine which pay rate is most appealing to your target market.

Alternatively, you can send proposals to clients to outline your services and prices based on various factors. This approach can help expand your potential customer pool and help you find a rate that works for both you and your client.

7. Add a Detailed Service Description

Think about who might use your service when writing your description. What problems do they have? How do your solutions help them? Use this area to outline your services and experience, present benefits and tell your story.

To make your copy clean and easy to scan, use simple sentences, short paragraphs and bullet points. At the end of your description, include a call to action to encourage your readers to contact you or view your website.

Here’s a great description from a Data Transformation Professional:

Service Description

8. Input Relevant Skill Tags

Skill tags help potential clients find your service post and profile. When adding skill tags, think like a customer. What keywords are they most likely searching? What skills do they need?

To reach the clients you want and cast a wider net, input a combination of narrow and broad keywords of service names, skills and actions. For example, these skill tags use both short- and long-tail keywords, such as “data” and “data mining,” and a variation of keywords, such as “analytical” and “analytics.”


9. Offer a Promotion

Promote your service and motivate users to contact you by offering employers a special discount or deal. If you run specials across platforms, creating a promo code for each channel will help you attribute new customers to a specific source.

How do you run promotion on Moonlighting? Add your offer to the end of your post title, e.g. “Painting Service—20% Off,” and the promotion details and code in the service description.

10. Complete Your User Profile

People want to know who they are communicating with and hiring. A complete profile helps users get to know you and determine if you are a match before they contact you. Make your profile memorable and helpful to employers by adding:

  • A professional headshot or a sharp image of your logo
  • A detailed bio that includes your services, years of experience and business name (if applicable)
  • Relevant skill tags
  • Contact information and website address
  • Links to your social profiles so that customers can connect, verify your identity, and learn more about you

Here’s an excellent example of a developed profile:


As you can see in Margie’s profile, you can learn more about her skills and experience, connect with her on five social channels, see that she has verified her identity using Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and view her website for more information.

Pro Tip: Pro members, like Margie, have greater visibility on Moonlighting and a Pro Member rocket badge on their profiles that tells clients that they are a trusted member of the Moonlighting community. Click here to learn more and upgrade.

11. Request Reviews of Your Service

Ask your previous customers (from Moonlighting jobs or anywhere) to review your service on Moonlighting. This helps establish credibility through social proof, which is incredibly influential in the buying decision. To learn more about how you can leverage social proof to attract new business, read “How to Get More Freelance Clients with Social Referrals.”

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