Are You Ready to Join The Gig Economy?

You don’t have to have all the right answers, or live in Silicon Valley, to launch a successful business. Today you have an opportunity to showcase your skills and earn money on your own terms through places like Moonlighting. Challenges and hard-work will always be necessary, but the gig economy and a changing attitude towards work are encouraging ventures like yours all over the world.

Your Digital Toolbox is Overflowing

When starting a business, the groundwork that used to take months now takes a matter of minutes. Opening a bank account, filing for a business license, creating a storefront can all be done online and require very little money. The truth is that there are so many resources available today that a resurgence in entrepreneurship is taking place across generations, cultures, and socioeconomic statuses. And this isn’t just happening for digital businesses. Skilled trades are in high-demand and many newcomers are now being paid while receiving on-the-job training.

Shifting Back to Self-Made America

In the wake of 2008, full-time jobs with benefits seem less common and less secure. And, with so many digital resources available, a nine-to-five job may be less appealing. A quick look back in time can provide a glimpse into where this cultural shift originates and many gig-economy resources, including Moonlighting, were born from this shift.

Think back to your parents and then grandparents. Of them, how many were in the same job or industry most of their lives? How many worked for companies? Maybe quite a few, especially in modern-day America. However, this was not the case for a majority of human history.

Going back even one more generation, to your great-grandparents, will often show that much of the population leveraged their skills to earn a self-made income. Whether they ran a country store, a blacksmith shop, or a farm full of produce, many of our ancestors had businesses that were passed down through generations built on specialized skills. Still more businesses spawned out of necessity and individual motivation – not so different to what we’re seeing today.

Powering The Business of YOU

Your skills and expertise are in-demand. Your ability to bring value to other individuals, businesses, and organizations is your most important asset. It’s where all businesses start and why the best ones succeed.

Starting to build an entrepreneurial endeavor can be intimidating and there’s never really a perfect time to do so. But if you’re serious about getting something off the ground then you have to get serious about finding customers or, more importantly, them finding you.

Getting The Word Out

You might say “I’m not quite ready to market myself, as I’m not set up yet” or “My website isn’t ready so I can’t accept customers” or “I haven’t come up with a good name.” All of these are excuses, preventing the inevitable.

Whether you think you’re ready for them or not, your customers are ready for you. They just need to find you. Getting your business in front of the customers/clients who have a need is the only way to build a business and putting a few marketing dollars towards this effort will pay dividends.

Leveraging The Best Tools Available

When it comes to getting the word out, you have the most powerful tool in history at your fingertips – the Internet. Your website, social media accounts, and gig-economy profiles – all can be beneficial and you should take time to consider the function of each platform or web presence you have. Remember that the goal is to get more clients. Your website and Moonlighting profile are places where people can find you and learn more about the services you offer, and social media is where you can notify your existing networks, so don’t be shy about sharing your ventures.

As you begin getting the word out about what you offer, finding ways to capitalize and balance these different resources will yield the best results.

Focusing Your Time

Finding balance in your business will likely be a struggle. That first day you find yourself working from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep on your computer, barely stopping for a bathroom break, is closer than you might think.

The owner of a growing small business rarely has the luxury of wearing one hat, instead is often spending numerous hours every week doing sales and marketing, finance, and other tasks to support the value they bring to their customers. And this is where most small businesses, especially individual ventures, can improve. Operating your business doesn’t have to be a one-person show, expert help is close at hand and can support your goals.

Calculating Your Approach

Freelancers and small business owners normally specialize in one, or a few related, things generally referred to as your core competency or the service you get paid to do. This is normally what you’ve spent years of your life mastering and your entire referral network knows you for it.

Do you have the same understanding for marketing and promoting yourself?

Moonlighting, and other gig economy platforms, are powerful tools because they attract people. Your clients, more and more, are utilizing these on-demand hiring resources to find people like you. Never before in history have individual entrepreneurs been empowered to promote their services directly to an audience in a searchable, categorized, and social way. What’s more is that platforms like this often provide an outlet to increase your opportunity, allowing you to focus more on your business and less on where your customers are coming from.

Moonlighting Boost is a way to be featured on the fastest growing marketplace in the gig economy, helping you showcase your skills professionally and have a premium status in relevant categories. This program acts as a way to market yourself out to broad networks, utilizing Moonlighting as a catalyst. When you’re a Boost member, the Moonlighting brand promotes you through social media and with local media partners from around the country.

The Power of The Gig Economy

Perhaps the greatest upside to this trend is the freedom to approach it any way that suits you. Even better is that you can leverage your skills to earn income. No other era has offered this opportunity with such simplicity, yet it’s still very new to many. Pay attention though, because it will change the very nature of how work is viewed. Doing gigs on the weekends to earn extra cash on up to being a full-time tradesman, many different walks of life can now use tools like Moonlighting to find opportunity, anywhere.

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