Tech and Web Freelancers: Your Lifeline to the World

Does anyone, besides me, remember using a rotary dial phone? How about having an ah-ha moment while shopping, “Oh no, I forgot to call Mom,” sending you frantically searching for a phone booth? Then there’s the nightmare scenario—being stranded on a deserted road with no means to call for help.

Did you ever spend hours at the public library searching through all those little drawers in the card catalog researching a particular topic? Only to discover, the books you needed could not be checked out? The only solution was to feed dimes into the copy machine, or take copious notes.

How did we survive those primitive times: no smart phones, no computers, no digital cameras, no email, and no texting. There are people who wish to return to the ‘good ole days’ when things were simpler and not so fast-paced. But, I’ll bet you my last dollar those people have a cell phone.

Moonlighting’s Tech and Web Category

Modern technology brings the world to our fingertips. It’s lovely. It’s wonderful. It’s a necessity. The problem is, aside from the basic things we do everyday, it’s so complicated. There are things we want to do, but have no idea how to go about it. Or, heaven forbid, something breaks…

No problem. Click Moonlighting’s jobs and services tab. That’s where the tech and web category can be found. On Moonlighting, you will discover more than 350,000 freelancers who are ready, willing, and able to help you with any project.

You will find IT specialists, computer and phone repair experts, web developers, blog builders, graphic designers, app developers, code writers, video editors, and music engineers. These are awesome freelancers to hire because they don’t have to be located where you live. You can communicate with them from anywhere!

What can Tech and Web Freelancers do for You?

Small businesses can help supplement staff with freelancers. A business owner does not need to worry about hiring an IT specialist or graphic designer to hang around the office for the occasional tasks that demand their talents. If you want to create a new logo, Elias Curtis can do that for you. How about setting up an online store? E-commerce is booming, and Jaime Nacach knows how to set up and design a professional shopping cart and store.

Entrepreneurs will benefit from the great services found on Moonlighting as well. You possess the talent, skills, knowledge, materials, and enthusiasm to get your business venture going, but need help building a website and app, along with a marketing specialist to guide the way.

Scylla Technologies have experienced web designers and developers with award-winning services. Phillip Thiel and Shirley Cress Dudley are also expert website designers specializing in constructing a unique platform based on your specifications.

Chris Ledden has more than 8 years in the mobile app industry, helping businesses design, develop and promote their iOS and Android apps. Teller Cunningham says he can design, develop, and publish an app for iPhone and Android in three weeks. No more excuses, the help is right at hand. Go for it.

Now the hard part—advertising and marketing. Professionals such as Jennifer O’pry and Troy Smith can help you set up, manage, and run your digital marketing platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter by creating a marketing campaign designed to fit your business.

So Much More to Choose From

There are other tech and web freelancers who target specific markets such as video/photo, audio engineering, and writing. Mark LaBoyteaux will tackle aerial drone photography and videography needs you may have. Zach Mayne has over 15 years as a professional freelance photographer and writer. He can craft those pesky press releases and articles necessary for advertising.

Josh Hansen produces music videos. Jordan Gaither records voice-overs with his top-grade studio and tons of energy.

Our computers and phones have become an integral part of our lives, personally and professionally. What happens when they break? Ryan Olsen is a computer and network technician who can repair PC hardware or software glitches and rid your computer of malware or virus issues. Christopher Teter has years of experience in smart phone repair.

That’s just a couple of the freelancers you’ll find who can fix our lifelines to the world. The wonderful thing about Moonlighting is you have so many qualified techies to choose from. You may have a hard time deciding who to pick!

Become a Moonlighter

Modern technology is complicated. We need support, guidance, and a little TLC to keep up with all the changes. That goes for individuals as well as businesses. The best way to find the help you need is by becoming a Moonlighter.

It’s so easy, and it’s free to sign up. It only takes a few minutes. If you haven’t already posted your profile, go to

If you can’t find what you are looking for on the jobs and services pages, or you have a specific problem you need assistance with, post a job. One of the many qualified freelancers will contact you.

There is always a calling for people who can master the intricacies of working with and designing programs for computers and smartphones, as well as all the other jobs in the tech and web category. If you possess the skills and want to make a few dollars, post your services. Someone out there is looking for you.

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