Free Agents: 10 HR Tech Startups Enabling the Gig Economy

General Catalyst, Greylock, and CRV are among the investors backing HR tech companies helping temporary workers and free agents find jobs.

The demand for flexible working arrangements has increased, as has the number of companies relying on contract labor. As a result, instead of holding full-time jobs, millions of workers are contracting out their labor through part-time, temporary, seasonal, or leased work arrangements.

As employers and employees seek more flexibility in their work arrangements, new pain points emerge for an organization, including increased demands on recruiting and challenges managing a temporary or distributed workforce.

Using CB Insights’ data we identified 10 companies to watch offering solutions aimed at flexible workforce recruitment and management. We chose these startups based on recency and quality of funding and their Mosaic score, CB Insights’ proprietary algorithm that uses financial and nonfinancial signals to predict private company health. For more information on CB Insights Mosaic scoring tool read this.

Moonlighting moonlighting

Moonlighting is a mobile marketplace for on-demand and freelance workers. Listings are not exclusive to any particular set of skills and range from manual labor to technology projects.

The company reports that there are approximately 175,000 “moonlighters” registered on the platform.

Disclosed Funding: $2.3M

Select Investors:  Gannett, Tronc. Inc, and The McClatchy Company.

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