Hire Help for Seasonal Jobs and Take Back the Holidays

For most of us, the holidays are a stressful time of year. In fact, it may seem that your to-do list is not only never ending but simultaneously growing by the minute. So why not get a little help? Take a little stress off you shoulders, and hire a freelance (or 5) for those jobs, tasks, and projects you don’t have time for.

And just as the holiday season doesn’t always start with the first snowfall or Black Friday, seasonal jobs are not just for businesses looking to hire more support through the holidays. You too can benefit.

Retailers are expected to make more than 700,000 temporary hires this 2018 holiday season, hitting a multi-year high. But with at least 57 million Americans working independently, there are plenty of freelancers available to lend a hand to anyone who needs a little extra help this holiday season.

There are many freelancers that specialize in tasks you may not have thought to outsource. But finding someone to help with these tasks will allow you to spend more time with the family and less time say, wrapping gifts.

Seasonal Jobs You Can Hire For on Moonlighting:

If any of these jobs sound like something you could use a little extra help with, you may still not know where to start.

Here’s what you need to know when posting a seasonal job:

1. Know where to find help. You can find more than 700,000 freelancers, small businesses, flex and temp workers on Moonlighting with a wide range of skills. If you don’t immediately see someone in your area that is perfect for what you need, you can always post your job and let the Moonlighters come to you.

2. Be clear about how long the job will last. When posting your job, include the seasonal nature in your description. But when talking to potential hires, ask them about their regular availability. You may find you like their work so much, you would want to work with them on a more regular basis.

3. Ask for references. This seems obvious, but look at reviews and ratings on Moonlighting or if they are new to the platform, ask them to provide you with past customer references or examples of their work.

4. Avoid the holiday rush and post your job early. Even if you haven’t finished all of your shopping, now is the perfect time to line up someone to gift wrap when all your Amazon packages have arrived.

5. Be specific. Avoid the ambush of messages from people who may not be qualified for your seasonal job by including a thorough description of what you need, including the skills you expect the person you would hire to have.

6. Set a price. Know how much you are willing to spend, and name your price. If you’re able to set a minimum and maximum limit, you’ll save some time for both you and your freelancer as you negotiate costs. You’ll also attract freelancers willing to work for the amount of money listed.

Take a hold of your to-do list and get back to living your life and enjoying the holidays with the help of Moonlighting.

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