6 Seasonal Job Ideas for Freelancers to Make Money

The holiday season is well underway. Only two weeks away from Thanksgiving, the Christmas carols have already begun. And, while a lot of businesses have a way of slowing down or taking time off, we know that you as freelancers are always working hard, and looking for more opportunities.

Whether you have a full time job, moonlighting outside your regular 9-5, or are a full-time freelancer, our mission is to help you utilize your skills and get hired throughout the year.

Searching for some ideas that can help you make money this holiday season? We’re here to help.

Event Management

Office parties and holiday events crop up now more than ever and you can offer your services to small businesses and individuals alike to help them plan the most amazing event.

Coordinate an event from start to finish, putting your management skills to use in planning and executing a wide range of events including corporate functions, fundraisers, holiday parties, and family gatherings. Be the ultimate resource, taking care of and handling all the details from budgeting to post party logistics.


Like the mixing perfect cocktails or cooking up the perfect main course? Offer your impressive culinary and/or bartending skills for families, companies or anyone looking for a little extra help while entertaining.

Serve clients at private and public venues throughout your area. Whether it’s a overworked young couple or retired grandparents who would love your help cooking that gluten-free meal for a guest, or a small business looking for help with their employee Thanksgiving, post your services to get hired and help out!


Help people get places. Drivers and driving services are in high demand as calendars fill up with office parties, dinners, family get togethers and all celebrations. Keep your local community safe and on-time by offering personalized taxi services.

And if you’ve got a limo? It’s the time to get the word out about that, with the sparkle and glow of the holiday time, it’s time to travel in style (and the spacious room is also helpful for all the people!)

Yard Work, Cleaning & Home Improvement

This time of year, get hired raking leaves, cleaning the gutter, hanging Christmas lights, or cleaning someone’s home in anticipation of hosting family.

Create a post showcasing your specialty and all the people trying to finish their turn of the seasonal checklists will be coming to you for assistance!

Personal Assistant

Offer your services running errands, the on-the-go mom, as she gets deeper into the stress of the holidays will appreciate the extra hand. Errand running, shopping, gift wrapping, house cleaning, and scheduling will help make a more stress-free environment.

Stationery, Arts, & Crafts

Calling all graphic designers, photographers, artists, and creatives. Make and customize unique designs for holiday cards, family portraits, and photo prints. Curate personalized and original gift pieces, like drawings, typography or commissioned art pieces.

If you specialize in creative direction, event design, floral design, styling and arts, this is your time to shine! Your designs will compliment any event aesthetic.

Post your services on Moonlighting, share your skills on social media, and let people know you’re here to help!

And if you need a little extra help during the holiday season, now is a great time to hire a freelancer. Check out Moonlighting to find the perfect one among the 250,000+ available or post your job and let them come to you!

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