Featured Moonlighter: Corpsman Erick Huertas Turns to Freelance Coaching

We love to hear our Moonlighters tell their stories and we admire them for the knowledge and inspiration they bring to others in sharing their experiences in the gig economy. This week we especially honor Erick Huertas both for his inspirational coaching journey and thank him for his service to our country in the Navy and currently as a Corpsman attached to the Marines. Thank you, Erick. Read on to hear more about his story!

Tell me a little about what you do.

I am a strength and conditioning/sports performance coach. I primarily focus on making athletes for all sports using the fundamentals of Olympic Weightlifting. I also coach the general population to improve lifestyle habits with lifting and nutrition. I am also a competitive weightlifter and coach.

How did you end up as a strength & conditioning coach?

I have been freelancing a little more than a year. But my fitness journey started about five years ago. I decided my junior year of high school that I wanted to join the Navy. In order to do so, I had to lose over 130lbs. It took me about two years but I finally did it! A little later down the road I discovered Olympic Weightlifting and put up National level numbers my first time competing! I noticed how much stronger I became and the benefits of the sport, so I made the decision to teach other people.

What did you do before coaching/freelancing?

Before coaching I was and currently still serve in the Navy reserve as a Corpsman, and I worked in agricultural health.

What made you decide to be self-employed?

I chose to become self employed because I enjoy making my own schedule. Between the military, and coaching/lifting it is hard to manage with a “day” job.

How do you see Moonlighting helping you ?

The fitness field is definitely a growing industry. However, it is difficult to make a living off of just coaching due to chain gym/trainers, i.e, “Planet Fitness.” I see Moonlighting greatly expanding my advertising and helping me achieve my business goals.


Can you offer some advice to other people who are following in your footsteps?

I would advise anyone aspiring to be a coach to start training on the side before you commit to it full time, also get as many certifications as possible. Certifications are an avenue to learn and improve how you train and how you train others.

What do you think of this growing gig economy?

I think “gig” based hiring is an effective way for people to exhibit their skills in addition to their regular life or gain experience in another career field.

What’s the best job you’ve done?

Being a Corpsman attached to Marines is by far the most rewarding set of experiences I will ever have, training others and seeing people improve themselves is a very close second.

Erick Huertas offers strength and conditioning coaching for everyday life, focusing on power and strength development through Olympic Weightlifting and other avenues of strength training. Programs for sports or everyday life and for all ages and skill levels.

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