Nashville Freelancers Access Gig Economy with Moonlighting Service

Nashville guitar player and singer Derrick Royer has seen too many in the music profession hang up their dreams when their day jobs keep them from performing or lure them away from their music focus with more consistent incomes.

Determined to maintain their music careers, Royer, 30, and singer-songwriter Peter Matteson formed a home remodeling and landscaping business, Greenwood BAM, that allows them and about four other musicians to complement their unpredictable writing and recording schedules on their own terms.

“Musicians have a hard time finding stable work when they are not making their money playing music, which isn’t always reliable,” Royer said. The business “has allowed me to stay home more so I’m not always trying to find income on the road.”

The platform they have used to grow their local business is Moonlighting, a Charlottesville, Va.-based company that connects freelancers from any trade with customers. Each business or freelancer has a profile, providing a more curated version of Craigslist.

Royer and Greenwood BAM (Beautification and Maintenance) are part of the Nashville tech-supported freelance economy that offers an array of choices beyond driving for Uber and Lyft or delivering meals. The local gig workers are dog walkers, handymen, furniture movers, hairstylists, manicurists, software developers, lawn teams and accountants, each stitching together their incomes — either out of choice or necessity.

Moonlighting helped Greenwood BAM find initial jobs, which have led to other gigs by word of mouth. With its profiles and payment processes, it provided a new, secure way to get in front of new customers, without the fees that similar sites charged, Royer said.

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