No-Hassle November: Focus on the Holidays, Not the Chores

Winter is coming. Trees are shedding their leaves and that beautiful carpet of brightly colored leaves fades into dry foliage. It’s time to keep indoors, cozied up behind warm walls and under thick sweaters. Get ready for November holidays and the turn of season with a few tips from us here at Moonlighting! And if you’re lucky enough to live in a place where it’s warm all year round, here’s a checklist for you!

Daylight Savings

  • Finish up that yard work before it gets too dark to see what you’re doing! Cleaning your gutters and trimming your trees are a few important chores to do. A couple hours of cleaning today can save you from a future flooding disaster. Sounds like a lot of work? Hire a handyman to get this done.
  • Your patio furniture can suffer in the elements. Store your patio furniture in a shed or cover it with a tarp. (Don’t forget your grill!)
  • Warmth is essential. Get your chimney and flue inspected so you can light a welcoming fire (No clue where to get an inspector? Post your job on Moonlighting and they’ll come to you).
  • Don’t forget to turn your clocks back on November 5!

Election Day

  • To block out free time to go to the polls, make sure you clear up your to-do list. If it looks daunting, there are hundreds of personal shoppers, errand runners, and pet sitters to assist you.
  • Antifreeze and ice scrapers are a must for everyone getting up in the freezing temps before the sun. Holler at your local mechanic for the necessary materials and help.
  • VOTE! Voting hours vary by your state; get in there and make your voice heard!


  • Make sure your pipes are properly insulated. You don’t want a drastic event to occur before guests arrive! And thankfully, there are hundreds of plumbers in your area willing to get that done while you tackle other chores.
  • Holidays parties are about to ensue in force which means lots of traffic. While a Moonlighter cleans your carpets, you can decorate your house to appeal to even the biggest grinch.
  • Take your family photos so you have content ready for those Holiday Greeting cards. Photographers abound on Moonlighting, ready to shoot, edit, and print pictures of your beautiful family.
  • For the food: if you need an extra hand around the kitchen, or special, allergy attentive food, hire a caterer or cook. Your allergic friends will be appreciative.

It’s always great to have an essential list of things that need to be done around the house. Getting these things done can save you money in the long run. Our mission is to help you make money and that includes keeping it. So post your job today and have a happier holiday season focusing on the fun and not the chores!

P.S. If these chores are right up your alley, post your services on Moonlighting to get hired and make extra cash this holiday season.

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