It’s pretty clear when the two paintings are side by side which one you’d want in your living room: the Mona Lisa that’s finished, filled in, and looks fantastic.

A complete Mona Lisa is more valuable, viewed by a greater audience, and establishes Leonardo Da Vinci’s name, brand, and talent. The same theory can be applied to your Moonlighting profile. So here are a few tips to become a Da Vinci of Moonlighting.

  1. Add an image to your profile. A logo or a picture of yourself are both good options to establish your brand, trust, and presence on Moonlighting. People want to see you’re a real person!
  2. Fill out your skills and bio: This is your time to really showcase your all of your skills in one place, so go on and brag a bit.
  3. Diversify your services. Can you walk dogs, design websites, and reshingle a roof? Awesome. Create a service post for each of those skills so that the right people find you.

The moral of the story is that when it comes to painting, puppies, or profiles, more is better. So head over to your profile and make that come to life! Leonardo would be proud.