Featured Moonlighter: Freelance Writer Carey Giudici’s Journey

For this week’s Spotlight, we talked with writer and Boost member, Carey Giudici! Carey is an award winning journalist, essayist and poet. He’s edited 12 books in his career (3 of which won awards), has a flourishing blog, and offers a number services on Moonlighting like a true Renaissance man. Read on to learn about his experiences as a freelance writer extraordinaire.

How long have you been freelancing?

I started getting paid for writing almost 20 years ago, after setting up my freelance business; but began writing almost every day in 1961 (age 13). While in high school I was editor of our school’s literary magazine and received a poetry award by Langston Hughes.

Some people suffer from writer’s block–my only problem has been not having the tools I need to move what’s in my head down onto paper or a monitor. My first freelance job after going professional was writing personal profiles of a dozen historical figures for a non-profit in St. Simons Island Georgia. The last one–finished a few days ago–was editing and adding content to a book on contemporary Russian art.

How did you end up as a freelancer, specifically a freelance writer?

It’s easier to share “added value” services as a freelancer than when you’re an employee. For me that includes teaching clients important principles of superior writing so they can get a bigger head start on future projects. I’m a born mentor who also loves editing others’ work.

What did you do before you made the switch and what made you switch?

While working as editor-in-chief at a community newspaper in Seattle, I was asked to write a 3,000 word article about Seattle’s Chinatown; when that article received an award from The Society of Professional Journalists in 2001 I decided to take the plunge and begin freelancing.

After writing employers’ content for decades my age had become an issue. I love to be a wordsmith and to help each writing client discover and clarify their personal brand and message. More than once I’ve been told that working with me had helped them improve their business as well as their content.

What’s your passion and drive to do freelancing? Why do you freelance?

Since before I could walk or talk my passion has been inspiring everyone I meet to increase their positive energy and find new ways to celebrate their core values and potential. Even poor kids in other countries deserve help to get more connected, resourceful and confident.

After a lifetime of picaresque experiences I know that producing something well written has the potential to transform every reader’s life…and the writer’s.

How do you see Moonlighting helping you on your journey?

The world is changing beyond helping us discover what we do, how we do it and who we know. Moonlighting appeared on my smartphone while strolling through a mall and I immediately saw it as the perfect platform to help anyone anywhere do what they love and make certain that some money will follow. My first conversations with the staff confirmed the company’s unique and carefully planned strategy, promise and inspiring vision.

What challenges do you face in this arena?

My greatest challenge is agreeing with clients on payment terms in a respectful and collaborative way. I decided to work as a client’s “retainer.” We’ll amicably discuss what budget they’d be comfortable with and then agree on how many hours each week or month I can give them for that rate. Either of us can ask to renegotiate our terms at any time.

I prefer long-term friendly relationships; this enabled me to edit eight books of historical fiction for one author, and several of those received awards.

Can you offer some advice to other people who are following in your footsteps?

Stop thinking about freelance writing as some type of industrial project in which you churn out a passable product and get paid; as we get deeper into the internet age people want to connect and work with people to produce a communication piece that can persuade and inspire readers to take positive action.

If you think about it, we’re reading and writing more than ever and want our writing to help us connect with every reader. For a writer that must include creating better connections between words phrases sentences and stories within a story. Be an adventurer!

What do you think of this growing gig economy?

It belongs to people who are resourceful, improvisational, expressive, and compassionate. Everybody’s dealing with “decision overload syndrome” and informational overload so a person who wants to succeed today must say a lot and persuade us quickly. If we don’t feel really excited about the gigs we offer we can’t make prospective clients excited and they will pass.

What’s the best job you’ve done?

My favorite job was taking care of 30 preschool kids in a rural Japanese orphanage for three years. The things I learned then in the 1970s have helped me be better at whatever I’ve done since–including freelance writing.

Is there anything else you’d like to share or add?

Everything that happens to me in life has been either a gift or a lesson–and the greatest of these have helped me avoid growing up (it’s highly overrated) and to put people first every time.

The sooner we identify our “One Thing,”, the fewer mistakes and poor choices we’ll make. Travel light and stay happy!

Carey Giudici will edit or write with passion and experience, building your brand with unique and surprising language to help you connect with readers, find your voice, and have fun doing it! Visit his blog at www.likedandtrusted.com to learn more about him and his writing.

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