Beyond Uber and Lyft: New Ways to Increase Job Leads and Work

Yesterday in San Jose, California, thousands of freelancers, small businesses, developers, and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and areas gathered together to network and share experiences. This gathering was at QuickBooks Connect, put on every year for people to connect, learn, grow, and find inspiration. It contains a delicious smorgasbord of expert advice, networking with industry leaders and peers, and amazing conference sessions meant to help support you on your journey.

Moonlighting CEO Jeff Tennery was invited to QuickBooks Connect 2016 as a thought leader in a discussion entitled “Beyond Uber and Lyft: New Ways to Increase Job Leads and Work.” Joining him in the discussion with him were other notable executives in the sharing economy sphere such as Asha Sharma, the COO of Porch, Sara Sutton-Fell, CEO of Flex Jobs, and moderated by Jeffery Battersby, a columnist at Macworld.

If you didn’t get the chance to attend the event in person, read on for some important summaries and takeaways from the discussion on self-employment and making your way in the gig economy.

The Meat

In today’s on-demand world, a lot of people immediately think of Uber and Lyft when considering self-employment in the gig economy. However, there are a variety of other platforms that allow self-employed workers to find work and “gigs” that have nothing to do with driving a car or running someone else’s errands. Self-employed individuals can utilize other platforms (such as Moonlighting!) to find a variety of work – from graphic design, to writing, consulting, marketing and more – on a freelance basis.


The Dessert

Even though we didn’t get to attend in person, we took some notes on the discussion so we could share them with you! Check out these soundbites from the session:

  • For every freelance job available, it’s not only important to show why your expertise is a fit for the job, but to also know the basics of a business – freelancing/self-employed work is a business in itself
  • Response time to leads matter – it can mean the difference of several jobs and growth in revenue
  • Self-employed workers should not only find and leverage credible partners to show their value, but also make sure they’re taking credible jobs as well – don’t sell yourself short, know your value

The Next Course

If you’re thinking about your own self-employment or about going freelance, these should spark inspiration. The gig economy is growing and there are several ways to make your entrance into that world or at least begin asking the question: is self-employment for me?

Take the next step by signing up for Moonlighting. It’s free and you can begin exploring the on-demand world that is quickly growing and increasing jobs and work both for freelancers and small businesses alike.

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