The Huffington Post Interviews Moonlighting CEO Jeff Tennery

Moonlighting and the Evolution of the Gig Economy

by Michael Park, CEO and founder of Lipsync

The other day I was chatting with my friend who wanted to start “doing something on the side” to earn a little bit of money. We started brainstorming and quickly realized that there are tons of ways to make some extra cash these days, especially using the gig economy as a launch pad. For example, one can drive via Uber or Lyft, deliver food via Doordash and Postmates, or list their services on a freelancing site like Upwork.

After doing some more research I came across a recent report from Spera which found that more than a fourth of the U.S. is now officially part of the freelance gig economy. However, the majority of these apps only offer real job opportunities if you live in a major metropolitan area. What if you lived in the “middle of nowhere” and wanted to earn some money (as most Americans do)? In fact, a 2015 census report shows that “U.S. Cities are home to 62.7% of the population but only comprise 3.5% of land.” How can one of these Americans get in on the gig economy?

Well, there’s an app for that. Moonlighting is a gig economy app that allows every American to get in on the freelancing action. In under a minute, people can post their services on the app and be connected with people who are looking to hire (or vice versa).

I sat down with Jeff Tennery, the founder and CEO of Moonlighting, to find out more about the gig economy and how Moonlighting fits in:

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