Why You Should Consider Hiring a Tech Freelancer

The IT Crowd

As a freelancer, small business, or expanding company, bringing on full-time staff may not always be the best option. On-boarding and training can be time-consuming and ongoing costs to keep full-time staff employed may not be a financially savvy choice.

That doesn’t change the tech needs your small business faces: websites to be designed, computer, email, and data security requiring setup and maintenance. The struggle becomes whether to hire full-time tech support, or turn to an expert freelance consultant.

Trending Up

In the age of increasing interconnectedness, freelancing is on the rise. In a recent study from Freelancers Union via Forbes, it’s been found that freelancers now make up 35% of U.S. workers and collectively earned $1 trillion in the past year. That’s over ⅓ of people who work in the US.

It’s no wonder that such a sector is growing: freelancers are people who have found that being their own boss means greater independence and comfort for them and better prices and efficiency for companies.

Different factors like shifting economic trends, corporate downsizing, and employee dissatisfaction contribute to the rise of independent work. Additionally, digital platforms are cropping up that help people get connected with the small businesses, fellow freelancers, and companies that want to hire them. Moonlighting is one such platform and, without such an app, these connections wouldn’t have happened between the freelancers or the companies now working with them.

Save the Day

So if you’re looking to find talented freelancing help, make it easier on yourself; one of the hardest workers to find can be techies, with about half a million unfilled positions belonging to the tech sector, according to Huffington Post. And here’s where the freelancers come in. They stand ready to help businesses with the deficit. On the Moonlighting platform, the tech & web category is one of the top 3 with 6 of the most specialized skill types that are available in contract workers offering their experienced tech skills to potential employers:

Save time and money by enlisting their talents in your business endeavors; freelancers are the perfect fit, especially for small businesses. The possibilities are endless as the number of freelancers grow, so you have many candidates to choose from. And freelancers love what they do so you’ll likely find they are willing to work harder and do better work.

Jump On It

Finding a freelancer is simple on Moonlighting–there are many tools to make the entire process, from posting a job to paying, simple. The first step is to let the freelancers know what you’re looking for. Once your job is posted, you have a solid touchstone for amazing freelancers to message you directly and fill any tech need you have.

While the responses come in, there are other tools to be proactive and make the hiring process faster. Moonbeam is one such tool that allows you to quickly find local freelancers and hire them instantly.

Technology is growing fast. The Moonlighting marketplace is one way to keep up with the changing economy and the advancing tech world. So if you’re that small business looking for a tech freelancer, post your job and fill the gap today. Don’t forget all the tutorials and articles we have on the blog to help you even further on your way.

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