12 Tips That Save You Money

12 Tips That Save You Money

At Moonlighting our mission is to help you make money. Economically speaking, saving you money is practically the same thing. So we put together a short checklist designed to save homeowners from future costs and headaches as we head towards shorter days and colder weather.


☐  Fireplace, Damper, & Chimney – If the creosote has more than 1/8″ of buildup, it should be cleaned
☐  Heating System – Properly serviced heating systems run more efficiently and last longer
☐  Roof – Missing or damaged shingles can cause costly water damage


☐  Driveway/Sidewalk – Seal any cracks to prevent them from getting bigger
☐  Exterior Gaps – Caulk and seal any gaps that are letting cold air in
☐  Exterior Paint – Touch up where it’s peeling


☐  Batteries – Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Flashlights, Emergency Radios
☐  Screens – Install storm doors and windows
☐  Furnace Filter – Improve efficiency and purify your air


☐  Gutters & Downspouts – Clean out debris and clogs
☐  Leaves – Rake them, vacuum them up, blow them off the driveway
☐  Trees & Bushes – Keep limbs at least a yard away from your house

As always, if you need help with any of these tasks, just post it on Moonlighting and responses will fill your inbox in no time!

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