Back to School Supplies: Moonlighting Tutors

Tu-tor or Not Tu-tor, That Is the Question.

It’s September and by now Sundays and most evenings consist of your kids trading in their video game controllers and TV time for pens, paper, and textbooks. The confusion on their faces reminds you that can’t help them answer their questions about the plot of that Shakespeare play. No one has time to read Hamlet overnight (on top of the laundry and home projects that won’t do themselves) so you need to find someone who knows it backwards and forwards, and you need to find them fast.

The Answer: Tutor.

The great thing about Moonlighting is that there are hundreds of retired mathematicians, professional tutors, and student teachers available to help your children succeed and take the stress off your hands. If you’re busy with work all day and then come home to a struggling child, you’re going to need to enlist some help. And a tutor will help further the goals you have for your children.

“One-on-one attention from a tutor can do wonders for even a typical learner,” says Laura Goldblatt, a licensed teacher in the continuing education program at Marlboro College in Marlboro, Vermont.

Teach Me The Ways

Online or in person, Moonlighting has a host of tutors available. These Moonlighters have amazing experience and a passion for helping kids of all ages and learning capabilities, anytime, anywhere. So you won’t have to stress out that you don’t know who the skull in Hamlet belonged to or the tenets of the Pythagorean theorem because you can hire someone who does.

Hiring and paying your tutor has never been smoother with our new app features. It’s easy, your kids need it, and with the time saved by getting your children help and finishing up your own work, you can enjoy a relaxing evening spent with the whole family.

Post a job in a few seconds by adding a title and a price to get the word out, fast. Go back at any time and edit pictures, descriptions, and location. And while you wait for the communications to come in, check out these amazing tutors ready to be hired.

Debbie DeLong


Debbie DeLong is a math tutor in Charlotte, NC.






Rodney Briscoe is a private tutor in House Springs, MO.






Callen Snyder is a Spanish tutor in Pasadena, CA.




Ben Soriano



Ben Soriano is a Geometry tutor in New York City.



And Many More!



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