Post Your Services (on Moonlighting 2.0)

What can you do? Moonlighting allows you to advertise whatever skills and services you offer. From web design to weekend house-sitting, make a post for any type of service you offer. Here’s how:

  1. From the home screen, tap the Post Your Sevices Free button
  2. Fill out your details
    • Title – What service you provide
    • Details – Relevant details for interested clients
    • Price – Add any price between $10 – $5000 at a fixed, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rate.
    • Category – Categorize your post (see below for category descriptions)
    • Skills – Add related keywords that pertain to your service
  3. Optional fields:
    • Remote Service – Tap Yes if your job can be done remotely
    • Location – Defaults to your profile’s zip code, change if needed
  4. Tap Next: Add Images
  5. Add an image by
    • taking a picture
    • uploading an image
    • selecting a suggested image
  6. Tap Add to Moonlighting



Q: What are the different categories?
Home & Handyman – Yardwork, Handyman work, Cleaning
Tech & Web – Web, App, & Graphic Design, Social Media, and Computer Help
Family – House, Baby, & Pet Sitters, Tutors, Errand Runners
Transportation – Drivers, Movers, and Auto-related work
Business Services – Customer Service to Marketers, Lawyers to Virtual Assistants
Events – Photographers, Caterers, DJs, Bartenders, etc..
Artisan – Artists and Hand Crafted Goods
Health & Fitness – Personal Trainers, Sports Lessons/Coaches, Masseurs, & Beauticians

Q: How can I get different suggested images?
Adding different skill keywords to your post will provide different suggested images

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