Filters & Alerts (on Moonlighting 2.0)

Filters & Alerts allow the creation of custom job feeds as well as alerts to be sent via SMS, Email, or Push notification when there is an addition to that custom feed. Here’s how:

  1. From the home screen, tap Filters & Alerts
  2. Preloaded Filters are always available so you can view
    • Local – Opportunities near your local zip code (change your zip code in your profile)
    • Remote – Opportunities that can be completed remotely
    • Anywhere – All opportunities
  3. To create a unique filter, tap “Add Filters & Alerts”
  4. Fill out and select the options you want included in the filter
    • Jobs/Services – Toggle on what you want to view
    • Skills/Category- Choose a Category OR enter skill requirements
    • Location – Choose remote opportunities OR enter a specific location
  5.  Tap View Now or Save
  6. To save your filter, give it a name for easy identification and then tap Save
  7.  To turn your filter into an alert, select a method to receive notifications via
    • SMS
    • Email
    • Push



Q: Do I have to choose a notification preference in my custom filters?
A: No, you can save the filters without receiving any alerts.

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