Have You Heard? The Newest Version of Moonlighting is Here!

At long last, the latest version of the Moonlighting app has been released and is now available everywhere! Representing the biggest advancement yet, this update is full of innovative new technologies to make your life better.

The amazing new features that come with this update will help your growth as a freelancer or small business so you can get stuff done and make money even faster! Keep reading to see what you get with these awesome updates:

  • Send Money: Moonlighting is now the fastest way to get paid in the gig economy. Send money with a few taps of your finger…no more emails, snail mail, signing checks, or wire transfers. Send Money through Chat and transfer money in a jiffy. Simple and secure.
  • Messaging: Communication built for the modern day freelancer. Have a conversation with any Moonlighter to get information, send or receive money, proposals, invoices, pictures, or your location, right from within the app.
  • Posting a Job: Just add a short title and a price range, so you spend less time worrying about details and more time getting stuff done!
  • Invoices, proposals, and search have been updated to work better than ever! The home screen has evolved based on user feedback to provide easy access to the features most important to you.

Go on, start exploring all the new features and download the new app today from the App Store and on Google Play!

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