Straw into Gold and your Passion into Business

You’ve probably heard the fairy tale about a little man by the name of Rumpelstiltskin helping a panicked girl magically turn straw into gold…and when I say that this can happen to you, it’s not a myth, it’s real.

So, you’ve got an idea, maybe it sounds easy, maybe revolutionary, but it’s this: “I’m ready to be my own boss and do what I love for a living.” You can’t get the thought out of your head, and you immediately start researching. Etsy’s logo appears in your mind’s eye but that’s not what you’re looking for–you’re a web designer, not a candlemaker, after all. Then you discover Moonlighting, one of the fastest growing on-demand marketplaces in the gig economy. And you get started.

Moonlighting’s web platform and mobile app easily let you showcase your skills, your passions! and make money doing so. But if you’re going to be a freelancer, and build your business from there, it’s going to take more than passion and being good at something. You’ve got to know the tricks of the trade and find tools to guide you on your way.

Embarking on a New Journey

Advertising yourself, building clientele, and fostering your own growth are all key parts of the small business process–you may be sending twenty proposals a day, sharing your job on social media like nobody’s business, and checking every hour to see where your efforts have gotten you, but you may not see growth immediately. Our freelancing friends face challenges every day, entailing mind-throbbing questions like:

  • Do I quit my full time job?
  • If my freelance business takes off, when do I know it’s time to quit my full time job?
  • How do I focus on my web design business and not sales or accounting?
  • How are customers going to find me?
  • How do I stand out from the competition?
  • Can I keep track of everything all in one place?

These are just a few of the questions and struggles that we know freelancers face. Sounds overwhelming…but relax, we’re here to help you make money. Moonlighting is your go-to on-demand network to get invested because it’s easy to find customers and connect with other freelancers who can help you grow your business. It’s your business and your journey and we can offer you the best resources to help you on your way.

Your Best Friend: Productivity Tools to Keep Your Business Running

They say with great power comes great responsibility; we are giving you tools to uncover that great power. Proposals may sound daunting but they’re easy, and soon you won’t bat your eye at twenty. Clicking through productivity tools on the home screen gets you right to proposals and invoices. Creating a few proposals shows employers what your services are and what they cost in a clean and simple format. And when they do accept your proposal (they said yes!!), it’s easy to create an invoice directly from that proposal, from the same screen.

Boom. You’re on the way to getting your business up and running.

You know, it’s also easy to add someone to your favorites so that when you click on their name, the “Send Invoice” option is right there. Saves you time and you get a good view of all your favorite employers.

Your Reach: As Far as the Eye Can See

Why stop there? Keep the ball rolling by creating a great profile, filling out all the info, and putting in all the stops. Creating your own website is a fantastic way to display more of your work and link it to your Moonlighting profile. And if you need help with that, the post a job function on Moonlighting lets you hire other freelancers to help you, especially if you’re a growing business. You can find lots of designers, marketers, bookkeepers and the like offering their services.

Get More Customers

Moonlighting is more than a marketplace. We help people earn more doing what they love by offering a real solution to finding you more work. Not only do we offer you a free platform, we let our talented staff of marketers do real marketing just for you to gain more business. Leveraging our partnerships with publicly traded companies, we are able to promote your services in your local news, social media, and email newsletters…and we’re not here to sell leads or make you compete against 3 other service providers for each customer. For only $20/month or $180/year you can get continual, year round exposure no matter how many clients you get. Upgrading to Boost gets you marketed even more in social media, advertisements in your local market, and more. You + Boost = Business Expansion.

With the professional tools, great visibility, and a strong drive we can do this together. And don’t worry, we’re not actually Rumplestiltskin–we won’t hate you if you remember our name. Rather the opposite, remember us! share us! on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any social media you can think of.


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