Moonlighting Introduces…Updated Payment Tools

With the exciting new app launch and revamped user interface came another update just as important: a new, improved payment system!

Switching from the previous system to Chase provides a brand new processor for us, and faster, safer, more varied payment options for you. Improving these key aspects offers better and more direct transactions to lower costs for our Moonlighters. Managing money is now easier than ever, whether you are hiring or getting hired.


Our new processor speeds things up in real time and Chase has an added feature that allows bank to bank transfers. This type of transfer has less risk and is half the cost of a credit or debit to bank option. The bank to bank option allows for money to appear more speedily in your bank.


Moonlighting’s bank to bank payment option is only 1.5% (plus thirty cents) to receive money, which is lower than the 2.9% + 30 cents of the credit to bank option.


WePay has a history of excellence in security and customer satisfaction promising that they will “protect you with integrated fraud technology, full compliance and award-winning support.” With the bank-level security, transfers have less risk and easier management.  

More Options

The Chase Dashboard is part of the redesigned “Send Money” page. Signing up through Moonlighting creates a merchant dashboard with accessible information on status of payments, estimated dates, and money flow and direction for all around better management. There is also a no-hassle option to have multiple accounts if you ever need to switch between company work or personal work.

How To Use

Just go to the Bank and Cards screen, click add an account and you will be directed to the Chase portal. From there, follow the steps and get going!

IMG_4746 (1)  IMG_4747 (1)  IMG_4748 (1)

We know you’ll find these new features easy and accessible and you’ll love them as much as we do! As always, we’re here to help you Get Stuff Done and Make Money Now.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear it – email [email protected].

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