Summer Work for Students – Moonlighting

May signals the end of classes and the beginning of a much-needed summer break for many students, but for some it means starting the search for summer work. It’s no surprise that with the increasingly high cost of tuition, relaxation and beach vacations are traded for a chance to earn some income…But what if you could have both?

Summer Work Your Way

Earning money during the summer used to mean getting a typical seasonal job, but times are changing. More Millenials are ditching traditional employment in favor of flexible and creative forms of summer work. Imagine having the freedom to plan this summer around your own schedule, working when you want on something you actually enjoy. Get ready to celebrate like you just finished your last exam, because I have news for you; it is possible to have your cash and freedom too. Because freelancing is freedom.

Flex Your Schedule

With Moonlighting, students can accept gigs at their leisure, and can choose to take time off when they want to. Making your own schedule allows room for flexibility, so you don’t have to miss out on that spontaneous road trip your friends are taking, or that beautiful day when the rain finally stops and the beach is a go.

Recharge and Recover

Is sleeping higher on the priority list than suntanning? Freelance lets exhausted students take advantage of their time away from school, even on a work day. Working independently means it’s okay to sleep in (score!) as long as deadlines are met. That’s way better than burning out on a job you don’t enjoy.

Build Your Resume

Not everyone sees summer as a time for lounging. Some students want to use their break from school as a chance to take on internships or additional classes. But that doesn’t mean missing out on the opportunity to make some extra money. Working around a busy schedule is possible as a freelancer, and students seeking degrees in areas like journalism or graphic design can even pick up gigs that relate to their major.

Discover Your Potential

So…what’s your specialty? Do you get high grades on every paper you write? Are you the go-to photographer friend of the group, known for taking great pictures that always get posted to social media? Or maybe you have a love for animals and would enjoy walking dogs for the elderly folks in your community? Everyone has a hidden skill, talent, or ability that can be turned into cash with the help of Moonlighting.

Moonlighting Makes it Easy

No matter what you want this summer to look like, consider giving freelancing a try. Whether you prefer creative work, hands-on labor, or something totally unique, the Moonlighting app was created just for you. It has cleared a direct path from you to a sea of clients, making it easy to find summer work. Payments are made through the app, and unlike other platforms you’re used to, receiving money is free!

Feeling inspired? Share the love!

If you know a student who could use some extra funds this summer, help them celebrate the end of the school year with the gift of encouragement. Inspiring others is as easy as sharing this post. Sometimes you just need a little motivation – and a bit of help from Moonlighting – to get discovered, get hired, and get paid!

Go for it!

If you’re ready to start Moonlighting, head to the website and get posting, we’re excited to see where this will take you!

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