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The on-demand economy relies on a steady stream of self-employed workers who are willing to trade steady paychecks for flexibility and autonomy. But as the number of on-demand platforms—specializing in everything from house cleaning and pet sitting, to liquor delivery and hair styling—increases, it’s becoming more of a challenge for companies to capture and hold on to qualified workers.

The number of on-demand workers is expected to reach 7.6 million by 2020. But high churn rates mean that on-demand platforms have to look beyond inbound recruiting channels to source enough skilled professionals to keep their platforms afloat. Only 29% of independent contractors expect to still be working as contractors in three years, according to a recent survey. 

To keep on-demand marketplaces staffed with enough contract workers to meet customer demands, a number of staffing marketplaces have stepped in. Here are five examples of digital staffing marketplaces that on-demand companies can try.

Here’s what they said about Moonlighting:

3. Moonlighting: Connecting 1099 workers with short-term jobs
Moonlighting is a nationwide mobile marketplace for 1099 workers. People who are interested in short-term gigs can use Moonlighting to find jobs that run the gamut from pet sitting and landscaping, all the way to personal training and resume writing. The marketplace has been integrated into The McClatchy Company’s print and digital properties in 14 states. On-demand firms can post jobs and share them via social networks. They can also complete hiring transactions securely using Moonlighting’s proprietary mobile payment platform. Moonlighting charges transaction fees to companies that send payments through the platform.

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Stephanie Miles is a senior editor at Street Fight.

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