World’s Largest Startup Event Selects “Moonlighting” as a Top 10 Mobile Start-Up

Charlottesville, VA – March 2, 2016 (PRWEB, a mission-driven, benefit company supporting founders and inspiring innovative start-ups worldwide, has selected Moonlighting, a leading marketplace for freelancers and small businesses, as a top 10 mobile start up for 2015. Moonlighting’s one-stop shop, end-to-end hiring solution will be featured at the 2016 LAUNCH Festival, a conference with over 15,000 attendees from the tech start up and venture communities.

Moonlighting’s unique platform allows users to hire or be hired instantly and solves the two biggest challenges facing freelancers and small businesses: finding new customers and getting paid quickly. From discoverability to invoicing and payment, Moonlighting has become the entry point for all 1099 workers helping them get discovered, get hired and get paid right from their mobile device.

“ and Moonlighting share very similar missions,” says Jeff Tennery, CEO and founder of Moonlighting. “We both are driven to help creative people follow and build their dream business. Our marketplace empowers everyone, everywhere, to launch their own freelance or small business, and create long term independent earnings opportunities for years to come.”

With over 72,000 freelancers “moonlighting” nationwide each month, hiring parties can easily find local talent using “Moonbeam”. The Moonbeam feature allows a freelancer or small business to get discovered, get hired and get paid, just like an Uber driver, using Moonlighting’s real time hiring grid.

“As a single, working mother, raising a special needs child, I freelance from home to make ends meet,” says social media freelancer Petra Monaco, “I was astounded at how quickly Moonlighting could help me market myself and how fast I could get hired using Moonbeam.”

Tennery adds “The gig economy needs more open solutions like Moonlighting and Airbnb to make it easy for everyone to participate on both sides of the hiring ledger. Thanks to, another 15,000+ freelancers and entrepreneurs will get the chance to join our movement and find great hires in the new world order of employment.”

Moonlighting also caters to small businesses in need “The notion of finding freelance marketers for social media help was a little daunting for me,” says Robert Andris, owner of Virginia based Allied Brass Company, “With Moonlighting It took me 30 seconds to post a job, and within an hour, I had over 20 qualified responses to choose from. Its like Craigslist, but only way better.”

About Moonlighting
Moonlighting is the first mobile, on-demand solution that empowers everyone to earn extra money and get tasks done instantly. Moonlighting creates a virtual marketplace for individuals and small businesses to hire or be hired right from their mobile device. Through the Moonlighting platform, users eliminate anonymity by posting jobs and sharing their favorite hires within their trusted social networks (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn). Moonlighting’s ground breaking feature “Moonbeam” is a real time hiring grid that allows users to make more intelligent hiring decisions. Using Moonlighting’s proprietary mobile payment platform, users can complete hiring transactions in a secure and safe manner. Moonlighting is a privately held, Charlottesville, VA based company built from the ground up for the gig economy. For more information, please visit

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