DC Inno Features Moonlighting in “5 Apps to Help You Weather Hurricane Joaquin”

Moonlighting recommended by DC Inno as one of top 5 apps to help prepare for Hurricane Joaquin

Hurricane Joaquin is headed towards D.C. this weekend, and has just been upgraded to a Category 4 storm. For D.C., that mostly means lots of wind and rain, and lots of people reluctant to go outside. But in this golden age of apps offering services on-demand, a hurricane doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun, and dry, weekend from the comfort of your apartment. Here are all the apps you’ll need to weather the storm.

Moonlighting is a great, locally built platform that lets people with skills or services offer them to those who need them. It’s kind of a freelance network for almost anything. Maybe you can have someone bring over some extra batteries, candles, and bottled water in case you lose power, or help clear the branches out of your yard when the storm passes.

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