5 Skills you can learn now and sell on Moonlighting

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of big enterprises.” – Demosthenes

Happy Monday, Moonlighters! We wanted to share with you some great skills that you can learn and sell quickly. Not only will you make money selling your newly acquired talents on Moonlighting, but you will also impress your friends!

1. Big League Leaf-Remover. Here are 3 great reasons to be in the leaf removal business: 1) You get to work outside in the crisp fall air, 2) Fall brings lots of leaves and thus lots of customers, and 3) All you need is a few tools and time. Use a tarp for quick pick up, or get fancy and mulch the leaves with a mower.

2. Excel Expert. In one week you too can learn the advanced functions in Excel. Lynda.com and other online tools can teach you what you need to know to turn around and sell your skills to small businesses preparing year end analysis. YouTube has tons of free tutorials.

3. Master Pie Maker. Pie season is almost upon us! Start practicing now and soon you could be the best pumpkin pie chef in your city. Sell your pies on Moonlighting, promote it to your friends, and their friends, and their friends. Be ready to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but the financial reward could be worth it!

4. Holiday Decorator. ‘Tis the season for decorating, and you can quickly learn some timely decorating techniques. Check out free DIY videos or old magazines from the library. Hanging Christmas lights is a popular service and may simply require a ladder.  Or tap into your creativity and make holiday wreaths, home or party decorations.

5. Savvy Valet. With the holidays come parties, and with parties come parking problems. You probably already know how to drive, so selling your skills as a professional valet could be quick money on Moonlighting.

Don’t forget – once you’ve got a Moonlighting post up, promote yourself by sharing across your networks, sending to friends, and asking them to send to theirs so you can reach more customers. And consider our Boost Marketing Services for your new Moonlighting venture to reach more customers with a custom advertising campaign designed for all budgets.

– Thanks for Moonlighting with us!!

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