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Are You Moonlighting?

As the stock market shows signs of cracking this week, many American workers are bracing for what could be another round of layoffs.

You can’t blame them.  The scars of 2008’s Great Recession are still raw and most workers haven’t recouped.  Wages continue to stagnate and another economic correction could set many families back as they try to tread water.

One generation that has stood tall in the aftermath of the last economic meltdown are the millennials.  They were thrust into the job market with very little tools or support to help them gain employment.

Legions of millennials retreated to their parents basements to figure out a way to play the hand they were unfairly dealt.   After they realized that they were indeed, not entitled, they emerged with a clever plan to use technology to jumpstart their futures.

Armed with mobile technology, resilient millennials have built some of the brightest and most successful new companies in the world like Uber and AirBnB.  Leveraging cars and beds to help millions of people make money, 75+ million millennials are just getting started.

This month’s  M.O.O.N. Report pays tribute to the millennial and how they spent their summer building and working in the new sharing economy.  Now the largest generation, surpassing Baby Boomers, millennials have taken matters into their own hands by creating their own career path and challenging us all to follow.

Millennials get Moonlighting.  They understand that they need to proactively take control of their employment because they cannot expect Corporate America to look after them or their parents when the stuff hits the fan again.   And it will.

Corporations didn’t help in 2008, and they aren’t likely to do it today.  Millennials are asking the right questions, by questioning conventional wisdom in today’s rapidly changing workplace.

Millennials are Moonlighting…..Question is “are you?”

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By: Jeff Tennery
LinkedIn Pulse
August 26, 2015

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