On-Demand Hiring Platform Moonlighting Host Sharing Economy Roundtable with Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA)

Charlottesville, VA (PRWEB) August 20, 2015

The two-way, on-demand hiring platform Moonlighting hosted a sharing economy roundtable with Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) yesterday at their Virginia headquarters. This one-hour discussion centered around employment, the government’s role in the sharing economy and efforts to help the people make money in the growing 1099 workplace.

“Millions of talented people are dissatisfied with today’s employment options and want to create their own individual path to prosperity,” said Jeff Tennery, CEO and founder of Moonlighting. “Senator Warner and Moonlighting share the same vision of ensuring workers are given every opportunity to succeed in this new economy. We’re honored we could host this event and enlighten people on new and innovative ways to earn a living.”

More than a dozen local workers from Uber, Etsy and Airbnb attended to share their experiences working as freelance workers and independent contractors, and their rising concerns and opinions about how state and federal policymakers could help make the on-demand economy work better for more people.

“Whether by economic necessity or by choice, as many as one-third of American workers now find themselves piecing together two, three or more on-demand opportunities to make a living. Yet Washington mostly has remained on the sidelines as the U.S. economy, its workforce and the work place, have undergone perhaps the most dramatic transformation in decades,” said Sen. Warner. “I’m committed to finding practical solutions to keeping up with this fundamental shift in the economy, and I thank Moonlighting for hosting such an informative discussion.”

In recent months, Senator Warner has developed a national profile for his attention on the remarkable changes taking place in the economy due to advances in communication and technology, a phenomenon known variously as the “on-demand economy,” the “gig economy,” and the “sharing economy.”

Empowering everyone to work on their own terms, supplement income and build their own portfolio career, Moonlighting is the first nationwide job marketplace in the sharing economy to allow everyone to hire and be hired in real time, operating in 1,300 communities in 50 states. Moonlighting allows users to unlock the power of their own individual social media networks, promoting trusted responses and generating leads with pre-established connections. Once a job is complete, people can easily make online or mobile payments quickly and securely.

Moonlighting is also the only hiring exchange that lets individuals make or receive payments for services on its own proprietary platform. This unique approach to today’s sharing economy marketplace empowers American workers, by providing the freedom to price, package and promote each workers individual skill set on their own terms. Moonlighting offers workers the benefit of retaining 100% of their hard-earned paychecks, with the opportunity to earn an additional one percent bonus for using the company’s platform. Unlike many on-demand economy companies who charge as much as 20%, Moonlighting charges only five percent per transaction, making it simple and affordable for anyone, anywhere to hire.

Moonlighting is releasing their August MOON Report focused on millennials, the Digital Native generation, and how they are taking advantage of the sharing economy to hone their creativity and have ownership of their work.

About Moonlighting
Moonlighting is the first mobile, on-demand application that empowers people to earn extra money and get tasks done instantly. Moonlighting creates a virtual marketplace for individuals and small businesses, enabling more effective and efficient communication between those needing a task done and those capable of fulfilling the need. Through the Moonlighting platform, users eliminate anonymity by posting jobs and sharing them within their trusted social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) or with friends in their contact book. Moonlighting’s mobile technology allows users to also make more intelligent and better-informed hiring decisions in real time. Using Moonlighting’s proprietary mobile payment platform, users can complete hiring transactions in a secure and safe manner. Moonlighting was built from the ground up for the mobile economy. Moonlighting is a privately held company based in Charlottesville, VA. For more information about Moonlighting, please visit http://www.moonlightingapp.com.

About Senator Warner
Senator Warner, a former business and technology investor, served as Governor of Virginia from 2002 to 2006. When he left office in 2006, Virginia was ranked as the best state for business, the best managed state, and the best state in which to receive a public education. Senator Warner was elected to the U.S. Senate in November 2008 and reelected to a second term in November 2014. During his time in the Senate, Senator Warner has established himself as a bipartisan leader who has worked with Republicans and Democrats alike to cut red tape, increase government performance and accountability, and promote private sector innovation and job creation. An early investor in the cellular telephone business, prior to entering public office Senator Warner co-founded the company that became Nextel and invested in hundreds of start-up technology companies that created tens of thousands of jobs.

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