Moonlighting, the Best Payment Processing Tool

People are Using Moonlighting for Payment Processing

100% Free to receive.

As many already know, the payment platform built into Moonlighting is a tremendously powerful tool for anybody to use. We are getting exciting feedback about how using Moonlighting to send payments has helped save money. Simply put, our payment processing tool allows you to receive payments from anybody, anywhere, at any time. You are literally a tap away on a smartphone and a click away on a desktop from sending money to anyone, for anything. The best part? It is 100% free to receive money through Moonlighting as there are no transactions fees.

Better than free, actually.

How are we better than free? Anytime you receive money from a client or anyone else, you actually earn a 1% bonus simply for choosing Moonlighting. That’s right, you get paid to get paid. We believe in supporting the sharing economy and small business owners that are going out of there way to provide for themselves and their families. We charge absolutely no fees for receiving money from either the app or desktop site. The entire amount of money that was sent to you via Moonlighting is the amount that ends up in your bank account. No hidden fees, no service charges, and no withdrawal charges. You deserve to receive the money that you worked for.

*BONUS* Want to know how much you will save with Moonlighting compared to the rest of the crowd? Check out our Savings Calculator.

How does it work?

By clicking a button. Nothing else to explain, all you have to do is click a button to receive & send money. On the app, go to “Me” and you’ll see a red notification next to the opportunity that has money waiting. Open it and click receive money. You will see your cash in 1-3 business days. For the web, go to “My Profile” select “Pending Jobs” and repeat the same process. Sending money is also just as easy. Click “Pay Now” on the app and “Send Money” on the website. You just enter the contact info of who you want to send money and that’s it. Easy right?

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