Moonlighting Categories Explained

What Jobs & Services are in Each Category?

Categories on Moonlighting can quickly help you narrow your search for matching jobs or services. Here are the categories with descriptions and several examples of services that fit into that category.

  • Handyman – For work and repairs done in and around the home
    • Contractors, electricians, painters, carpenters, landscapers, appliance technicians, general laborers
  • Tech & Web – For technology and web services
    • IT specialists, computer and phone repair, web developers, blog builders, graphic designers, app building, code writers, video editing, music engineers
  • Family – For all things family and pet related
    • Tutors, baby sitters, dog sitters/ walkers, errand runners, cleaning services, music lessons, personal shoppers
  • Transportation – For moving people or things from A to B
    • Movers, haulers, drivers, delivery services, ride shares are all under transportation
  • Business Services – For tools and people that help grow your business
    • Publicists, marketers, tax experts, accountants, consultants, assistants, data entry, customer service, social media consultants
  • Events – For the people that can make your next event happen
    • Photographers, event planners, caterers, DJs, bands, party entertainment, venues, bartenders, waiters, tenters, sound system engineers
  • Artisan – For anything that is hand or custom made
    • Writers, handmade goods, artists, and on-demand good creation
  • Health and Fitness – For a better and healthier you (or your family)
    • Personal trainers, life coaches, personal sports coaching, masseuses, health care providers, nutritionists, elderly care, in home nursing

If you have multiple services or jobs, be sure to post each separately and in the correct category. Remember to include a picture with each post as well. Posts with images have a higher chance of success. Finally, make sure each of your posts is typo free and makes sense; you don’t want anyone to pass on you just because they can’t understand what you do (or need done)!

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